Enrique Smith of Salem, Oregon Death – Cause of Death

Enrique Smith of Salem, Oregon Death – Cause of Death: Enrique Smith passed away unexpectedly on Saturday December 11th. He was loved by so many and he will be greatly missed.

Enrique’s death was announced via multiple social media posts on Sunday, as a great person and friend.

“I woke up to a very surreal phone call this morning and I still haven’t processed it. Enrique, I wish I could remember the last thing I said to you,” Grace Hawley wrote. “I wish you’d hit me in the forehead and then say “what’s up brat” and hug me one more time. I wish I wasn’t having to make this post. You’re so loved and so missed. I hope you’re having the best time with your mom and papa.”

His cause of death was not disclosed.

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