Frances McCall Rosenbluth Death – Cause of Death

Frances McCall Rosenbluth Death – Cause of Death: Frances McCall Rosenbluth (Damon Wells Professor of Political Science, Yale University) passed away on Saturday, November 20 after a year long battle with cancer.

Frances Rosenbluth is a comparative political economist with a special interest in Japan. Her current work focuses on the electoral microfoundations of different forms of capitalism, and on the politics of gender inequality.

“She will be remembered as a scholar who cut across disciplines and national boundaries and as a leader in college administration who practiced what she taught.”

“Frances was a pioneer in bridging area studies and political science. She had been a strong advocate for women and people of color in the discipline, a tribute shared via Facebook read.

“Frances was extremely kind, generous, supportive, and helpful when she didn’t need to be and nobody was looking.
Her unassuming nature, combined with her vast knowledge and world-class scholarship was just inspiring.”

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