Greenwood Executive Village Election Update: Voting Scandal – What Happened during the Election?

A voting controversy occurred which is kind of common during elections at Greenwood Executive Village. As voters are anticipating the results.

The election was done in Greenwood Executive Village when the voting scandal happened

What Happened At Greenwood Executive Village?

Greenwood Executive village suffered a voting scandal which is very common during the election.

However, Pasig City is popular for its metropolitan lifestyle.

The vullage is located on Sandoval Avenue in Pasig City’s Barangay San Miguel, is an ideal location for a modern and stylish, but strategic and economical housing experience.

Details on Greenwood Exective Village Voting Scandal

Greenwood Executive Village experienced a voting scandal just like the Philippines.

In Philippine on Monday, shootout between two groups affiliated with competitors for mayor killed four people and injured nine others in Philipines.
It happened on Sunday in the northern province of Ilocos Sur.


The Police claimed that five rounds of grenades were shot in a hall which later turned into gunfight with the police in Maguindanao’s southern town.
A video posted by Lanao del Sur revealed people attacking and destroying voting facilities.

The administration is investigating in the incident according to an official coordinating the election.

On Monday as violence was present in the election in the Philippines, 270,000 police had already been deployed by the government even before the election.

Accusations of faulty voting equipment and troubles with finding names on voters’ registration triggered the violence.

An election official Casquejo, said that the administration had tallied 143 malfunctioning devices around the country at a press conference.

He further stated that these were generally “isolated events,” and that the problem was caused by old equipment.

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