Grover Head Death: McDonough icon, Grover Head dies unexpectedly, Cause of Death

Grover Head Death – Cause of Death: McDonough icon, Grover Head passed away unexpectedly.

“Mr. Grover was eccentric, charismatic, and kind-hearted. He never complained about the challenging life he lived.”

The McDonough icon passed away on Tuesday night, January 4, 2022. It was belived that he might have died from a stroke after he was found behind Tire Depot.

Mr. Grover will be remembered for his special impact on the city.

“The outfits he assembled were always unique,” Beau Kelley shared via I ♥ McDonough, Georgia Facebook page. “You might see him wearing a Santa hat, a leather biker jacket, sweat pants and a scuba mask. And it didn’t seem unusual because it was Grover.”

“He always had a bicycle slam-packed with stuff. Most of all, Grover carried himself with dignity. He commanded respect. And he had a heart of gold if given the opportunity to show you.”

His signature phrase was “Keep it real!”