Guru Jagat Death – Founder of RA MA Institute Guru Jagat is Dead, Cause of Death

Guru Jagat Death – It is with great sadness to report that Guru Jagat has passed away. Guru Jagat died on August 2, 2021. However, cause of death is Lung Cancer.

Guru Jagat, popularly known as Katie Griggs was the founder of RA MA Institute. She was a Kundalini teacher, an instructor and entrepreneur who discovered the yoga practice more than 18 years ago. She is the owner of the Institute where expression, creativity, wellness, and brass tacks pragmatic all live in harmony. It is a yoga school which is located in Los Angeles, Mallorca, and New York City.

Guru Jagat was also an author, she authored a lot of books which includes The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life.

We learnt the death of Katie Griggs through various tributes posted across social media today.

Who Is Guru Jagat? Few Things You Need To Know About Her!

Guru Jagat was an artist and CEO of 7 global businesses including the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology with locations in Venice, California; Mallorca, Spain; and New York City.

Guru was also known as a writer and international thought leader. The bestselling author of Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life with translations in French, German and Russian, and the renegade host of the envelope-pushing podcast, Reality Riffing.

She founded the RA MA Institute in Venice in 2013 and since then has grown to a global figure. Jagat has used this fusion of ancient knowledge and digital-age lingo to attract a growing band of believers.

Jagat years back opened her own record label. The record label houses a compilation of RA MA Records, Volume 2, begins with a contemporary chant by Go Gobinday, who happens to be Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s. The label is just one facet of Jagat’s vision for a global brand.

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