Innis Ingram Death: Activist, Innis Ingram has passed away unexpectedly, Cause of Death

Innis Ingram Death – Cause of Death: Activist, Innis Ingram has passed away unexpectedly.

Innis Ingram stood firm on a hunger strike outside his mother’s LTC home until conditions were improved.

Ingram man was known nationwide in his fight concerning hunger strike. Hs death was announced via multiple social media posts on Saturday, December 11.

A post shared via Mississauga Communities Admin Facebook page read; “We just learned that an altruistic and dynamic community member has sadly passed away.”

“Innis Ingram is an activist, a voice for those who couldn’t speak and most importantly, a “doer”. When he saw an injustice or social issue, he didn’t just speak on it, he did something about it.”

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