Jesse Henson Death: “That excited drummer in elevate” passes unexpectedly

Jesse Henson Death – Cause of Death: Beloved Summer Grove Baptist Church Musician, drummer and percussionist Jesse Henson has passed away.

He was energetic, passionate and a loving individual.

“Very saddened to hear of the loss of Jesse Henson he was a energetic, passionate, loving individual,” Starrbuck Langley shared via Facebook. “We shared the bond of music for well over a decade and supported each other’s bands many a night on stage.”

“He would often reach out to me giddy with excitement with some new guitar lick or bass riff or drum fill he had mastered. He was a great guy with a good heart.”

“On a deeper level, Jesse was hands down the MOST dedicated musician I’ve had the honor of leading worship with,” Cole Peterson shared. “When he started, he played for right at 3 1/2 years straight. That is correct, about 182 Sundays without missing a SINGLE one.”

“The Lord was doing an incredible work in his life. He had a heart of worship and was ready to serve whenever and wherever. Jesse is deeply deeply missed.”

There were no details concerning Jesse’s cause of death.

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