Kevin J Johnston Arrested: Why was Kevin J Johnston Arrested? All Charges Explained

Kevin J Johnston Arrested: Why was Kevin J Johnston Arrested? Charges Explained:

Racist former Calgary mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston has been detained in the United States. Yes, you read it right that Kevin Johnston is under police custody after being failed to show up to a Toronto courthouse to start serving a jail sentence. The news of his arrest has been going viral all over the internet and the netizens have been responding to the news. After getting the news of his arrest, several people have been talking on this matter over social media.

There are many people who want to know the whole matter regarding his arrest.
As per the sources, Kevin J. Johnston, a former Calgary mayoral candidate has been arrested in the US as he failed to show up to a Toronto courthouse to start serving a sentence in prison. US Customs and Border Protection reported that he was arrested for entering the country on foot illegally near Plentywood, Mont.

The agency stated that the border patrol agents were contacted by the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office in Plentywood, about 950 km away, with the request for help in tracking down a man lost near the Montana/North Dakota state line.
It was reported by the agency in a statement that a man was found wandering on foot and later, had been identified as Johnston, a Canadian fugitive who is wanted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

After being failed to present for jail sentences, he was wanted in two provinces- Ontario and Alberta. Most recently, he was scheduled to be presented at the courthouse located at 361 University Ave in Toronto at 10 am on Tuesday to start serving an 18-month punishment in jail for disobeying a court order to stop defaming Mohd. Fakih, a restaurateur because Johnston was continuously addressing him as a terrorist and baby killer.

Fakih is a Lebanese-Canadian businessperson and philanthropist. He is the owner of the Paramount Fine Foods restaurant chain. He is best known for his charitable acts including providing thousands of free meals to frontline workers over the course of pandemics.

In October, Fred Myers, Ontario Superior Court Justice issued a statement in which he said, “if Johnston does not surrender himself at the time and place stipulated, a warrant for his arrest will issue.” On Tuesday, Fakih’s lawyer reported that Johnston has failed to be in the court and now, the warrant is in effect for his arrest.

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