Lexi Budzon Death: UAH College of Nursing student passed away unexpectedly, Cause of Death

Lexi Budzon Death – Cause of Death: UAH College of Nursing student passed away unexpectedly.

UAH College of Nursing student, Lexi Budzon would have graduated this December on the 13th.

Lexi is remembered as a kind, friendly, and such a bubbly person. “She had a personality that could put a smile on someone’s face instantly. She was a dear friend and dearly beloved by everyone in the cohort,” Mia Oswald shared via a GoFundMe page created for Lexi’s funeral expenses.

There were no details on her cause of death.

Family and everyone who knew Lexi are extremely sad and currently grieving her loss.

“From the short time I knew Lexi, she always showed respect and concern for others yet demonstrating great self esteem which radiated,” Mia Djuna Crutch-Randolph wrote. “I always told her if she seemed even slightly nervous or uncertain to “fake it til you make it, because no one knows your nervousness but you.”

“She became a master of confidence in her nursing craft and professionalism. She new her limitations and was a good student to ask questions, observe well, and implement what she’d learned.”

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