LIVE: Capitol MAGA terrorist identified as Ray Roseberry

There is currently a man threatening to blow up bombs near the Capitol in Washington DC.

US Capitol Police, along with the FBI and DC Metro Officers have evacuated several blocks and buildings after a man claiming to have an explosive device drove onto the sidewalk near the Library of Congress.

A man whose Facebook profile name is Ray Roseberry, potentially from North Carolina, started a Facebook Live feed around 10am. That man continued to post live asking to speak with President Joe Biden, claiming that he could not detonate the bomb, but that it would detonate if police fired at his vehicle.

He also claimed in the video that has since been deleted that there are “four other bombs” throughout the city and that if he is killed, no one will know where the bombs are.

Additionally, he says that the “revolution is on” and there are other “patriots” in the area. Twenty-six minutes into the thirty-one minute video, Roseberry stated his demands that the Democrats step down, saying “the people don’t want you there.” Roseberry also said, “I love you, Joe, and I love Nancy, too,” before saying that any blood shed would be on Joe’s hands. Roseberry also asked for an air strike on Afghanistan during the video.

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