Mat Hoffman Car Accident: What Happened to Matt Hoffman and His Wife Jaci

Mat Hoffman and his wife Jaci was involved in a serious car accident that left them hospitalized. His wife Jaci sustained a concussion and broken ribs. However, she has been discharged from the hospital. Mat sustained a subdural hematoma and is currently in a rehabilitation hospital, according to report, he is improving.

We got the information through a post dropped on his Facebook Page, read the detailed information below;

“Hi Friends, we need to inform everyone that Mat and Jaci were in a serious car accident. Jaci sustained a concussion and broken ribs but was discharged later that day. Mat sustained a subdural hematoma and is currently in a rehabilitation hospital. He is improving quickly and is expected to do very well in recovery. It just takes time. We know so many people love the Hoffmans and wanted to inform everyone, as a lot of people have been trying to reach Mat. We ask that you please respect the family and give them space, as everyone needs some time and peace to heal.”

We wishing him quick recovery.

Mat Hoffman Biography, Career, Achievement

Mat Hoffman was on born January 9, 1972. He is an American BMX rider who is considered one of the best vert ramp riders in the history of the sport. He is nicknamed “The Condor” and runs the BMX Freestyle brand Hoffman BMX Bikes based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was contracted to ride for Haro Bikes.

In 1983, when Hoffman was 11 years old, he competed in a contest in Madison Square Garden. He had learned to ride BMX on his own and did not have any other riders for reference. He remembers: “when I got to that contest I went ‘woah, I guess I am going higher than everyone else’.”

In 1987, at the age of 15, Hoffman became the youngest SPROO to join the freestyle BMX circuit and was hired to ride for Haro Bikes. An article in Ride Magazine commented: “What’s left to say about a guy who ignored all established limits and redefined vert riding – at age 15[?]”. He won the first contest he entered as a professional and took home a $2,200 check.

In 1991, Hoffman attained the pro division and launched both Hoffman Promotions and Hoffman Bikes.

He developed the Bicycle Stunt (BS) series to give riders a place to compete and to showcase their talents. ESPN joined with Hoffman Promotions in 1995 to produce and televise the series each year.

The growth of Hoffman Promotions gave birth to the Hoffman Sports Association (H.S.A.), the organizing body for BMX Freestyle events worldwide, such as ESPN’s X Games and all international X Games bicycle-stunt events.

Hoffman has produced, directed and hosted several TV series for ESPN including Kids in the Way, HBtv, and Mat’s World. In February 2008, Hoffman produced and co-hosted Mat Hoffman’s Evel Knievel Tribute with Johnny Knoxville, which aired on MTV and featured record-breaking stunts by Travis Pastrana, Trigger Gunn, Allan Cooke and Davin Halford.