Matthew Weave Missing Case Update: Was Matthew Weaver ever found? Who is Matthew Weaver?

A man from California who got Missing in 2018, Matthew Weaver Jr., Still continues to be missing.

Matthew’s missing case then in 2018 circulated all the media as people searched for him.

In August 9, 2018, he was reportedly partying in the night and got missing in the mood.

More than 700 drones photos were shared while a search party on website was created for his Strange missing.

However, with all these, Matthew still remains mysteriously missing.

Was Matthew Weaver Jr. Never Found?

On August 9 that Matthew went missing, he had dropped a girl named Malissa to her house around 5 a.m after the party after then he was no where to be found.

He posted on Snapchat his pictures before he got missing while he was seen driving around 11:30 am. to 12 pm.

According to video surveillance, his last seen was on the Topanga Tower Motorway heading toward Rosas Overlook at 7:15 am.

Although, Matthew sent an SMS message to one of his friends writing around 11:58 a.m, the message details was that he wanted to talk with the friend when he had the chance.

His car was found the next following day he went missing on the Topanga Tower Motorway above the Backbone Trail and Hondo Canyon areas.

Since the Matthew has not been seen or heard of again.

Matthew Weaver Jr. Family

Matthew Weaver has his parents and siblings still alive but still sad about his missing case.

His father was the first to report his son’s missing case. The father was taken to police custody after he was seen in a shootout with CHP according to the police in a 2020 report.

After Matthew Jr’s missing it was revealed that his father has mental breakdown according to his sister Colleen Weaver-Farrell.

Who is Matthew Weaver Jr?

21 years old Matthew Weaver Jr. was from Simi Valley, CA. He recently moved out of his grandmother’s house to live on his own before he got missing. His new house was at Granada Hills.

He worked at telephone poles as a young man.
The day he was found missing he had just received his paycheck $400.

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