Max Berry Frontier Video: What happened? Was He Arrested?

After being strapped to his seat on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia Max Berry was sentenced to 60 days in prison.

A Video that went viral shows 23-year-old man groping two flight attendants, hitting a third, screaming that his parents had $2 million and tying him up In Frontier Airlines seats.

To three counts of assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction and faces 1.5 years and a $15,000 fine Max Berry pleased guilty.

Berry was drinking on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami when he spilled the drink on himself and a flight attendant in August.

He took off his shirt and came out after he went into the bathroom.
But as the flight attendants tried to help him, he fondled them.

On July 31 flight, Maxwell Berry, 22, of Norwalk, Ohio, is accused of assaulting a male flight attendant and touching two female flight attendants inappropriately.
The scene was tape and the views of the video was up to 13 million online.

Maxwell Berry was strapped to the plane seat until the plane landed according to police report.
“Max Berry was a good man who did a bad thing without a plan, in an unconventional way, and it was aberrant.” stated by Berry’s attorney in court documents.

According to the WPLG, On Tuesday, Berry apologized in court and took full responsibility for his actions.

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