Meet Twitch Streamer: Who is Twitch streamer Quqco?

Quqco has not disclosed her real name but while she was born in the United States.

Her date has not been revealed by her either but some sources claim she was born on May 25, 1996 and.has U.S. Citizenship.
She is a Twitcher, YouTuber, and social media star, who known for her Twitch channel.

Her Twitch was launched on November 16, 2015, and now has nearly 80,600 followers, making Quqco the owner of 6,194 most popular twitch channel.

For a total of 1,873 hours (78 days) she streams more than 19 hours a week.
She has amassed nearly 1.5 million views across all of those streams. She averaged over 400 viewers per stream, while her highest recorded viewership was 25,980 on July 19, 2020.

However, Quqco spends most of her time chatting with fans (726 hours) while also playing various video games such as Dark Souls III and Bloons TD 6.

Even though she has not revealed her family’s details, her father is believed to be a postman and her mother a cook and it’s also believed that she is the only child of her parents.
At an early age, Quqco has been interested in art.Her favorite way to draw is with watercolors.

She has uploaded more than 450 pictures of her drawings, which are mostly anime characters.

Quqco’s career as a social media star

Quqco is very active on various social networks, amassing over 32,000 followers on her main Instagram account, while uploading more than 80 photos where she likes to show off her big breasts.

In May 2010, She launched her Twitter account which has nearly 40,000 followers.
She has an “Only Fans” account where she uploads “role-playing and popular content”.

On May 7, 2018, she launched her YouTube channel which now has over 35,000 subscribers and has nearly 1.6 million total views.

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