Nigerian Army Recruitment News 2022

The Nigerian Army is the biggest part of the Nigerian Armed Forces and is answerable for land fighting activities. It is administered by the Nigerian Army Council.

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Nigerian Army has no particular paper where you can get state-of-the-art news, nonetheless, we’ve volunteered to assist you with the news refreshes from the under recorded Nigerian Army exercises.

What’s really going on with the Nigerian Army?

The Nigerian military is without a doubt among the biggest in Africa. It is isolated into the 3 parts, opposite, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy and Nigerian Air Force.

It was first settled in 1900 and its previous name was Royal West African Frontier Force.

Its name was anyway changed to the Nigerian Army in 1960; that was not long after Nigeria’s autonomy from Great Britain.

It was at first called the Nigerian Regiment during World War II. Nigeria Regiment partook in World War II close by a few other African nations.

Its name was changed to Nigerian Military Force in 1958.
Some of them are the Congo Crises that happened between the 30th of June, 1960 and the 25th of November 1965 and the Nigerian Civil War that happened between July 1967 and January 1970.

Others are the Chadian Military issue that happened in 1983, the First Liberian Civil War that happened somewhere in the range of 1989 and 1997, the Second Liberian Civil War that happened somewhere in the range of 1999 and 2003 and the Sierra Leone Civil War that happened between 23rd of March, 1991 and eighteenth of January, 2002.

Additionally, they took part in the Conflict in the Niger Delta that had begun in 2004 and it is as yet continuous and the Boko Haram Insurgency that began in 2009 and it is as yet progressing.

The Nigerian Army is conspicuous among individuals from ECOMOG. The Nigerian armed force had additionally had the option to hold onto power from justly chose presidents twice as of now, in particular 1966 and 1983.

There had been a few military-to-military upsets over the course of the years as well. In undeniable reality, the last military rule in Nigeria just finished under 20 years prior in 1999.

Before the Nigerian common conflict, the quantity of men and officials in the military was around 18,000.

Be that as it may, the number got extended to around 126,000 after the Nigerian Civil War.

This was one of the variables that prompted the capacity of the Nigerian armed force to hold onto power for more than 30 years.

One of the most awkward parts of this is that the Nigerian armed force was not contributing anything to the nation’s GDP; at this point, they are removing such a great amount from it.

Regardless of the increment in the size of the Nigerian Army, there is a decrease in incredible skill and reaction to obligation.

During the common conflict, the quantity of non-authorized officials expanded an extraordinary arrangement and there were not many charged officials accessible.

This prompted a circumstance where normal lieutenant-colonels were ordering detachments.

Examples where detachments were being told by sergeants and organizations directed by warrant officials.

This prompted falling in norm in the Nigerian Army.

It likewise prompted circumstances by which the warriors were uncouthly driven, ineffectively prepared and generally unpracticed.

Indiscipline turned into the thing to take care of as well and regular people were the ones that drag the brunt for the most part. Infantry strategies also were shoddy accordingly.

Exercises of the Nigerian armed force are coordinated by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC).

Assuming reality should be told, the Nigerian Army is among the most ideally suited military outfits in Africa.

Having Divisions in the Nigerian Army began from the hour of the Nigerian Civil War.

Region Command situated at Kaduna was renamed as 1 Infantry Division among August and September 1967. This was framed under Colonel Murtala Mohammed.

The Lagos Garrison Organization then again was re-assigned 3 Infantry Division.

It was anyway renamed as 3 Marine Commando while Colonel Benjamin Adekunle was the Commanding Officer.

When the Nigerian Civil War finished, the Nigerian Army previously had 3 Divisions. These 3 Divisions were then rearranged into 4 Divisions.

Every one of the Divisions controls every one of the four regions in Nigeria. The goal of this was to stopped the underlying provincial design that Nigeria had.

The 4 Divisions were coordinated so that every one of them approaches the ocean. Thus, calculated help and triservice participation become extremely simple.

The Nigerian Army later deserted this construction and selected the task of Sectors to every one of the divisions.

This prompted the assignment of the North-West Sector to the 1 Division having its central command at Kaduna.

2 Division with its central command at Ibadan was named South West Sector. 3 Division having its central command at Jos, was named North East Sector.

The 82 Division with its settle at Enugu was named the South East Sector.

32 Artillery Brigade situated at Abeokuta is under order of the second Division at Ibadan.

The second Division likewise controls the 4 Brigade situated at Benin City, the 195 Battalion situated at Agenebode just as the 19 forces situated at Okitipupa.

Its sign solidarity is the 52 Signal Regiment.

The third Armored Division has its central command at Rukuba Cantonment in Jos. It incorporates the 33 Artillery Brigades, the 23 Brigades in Yola and the 21 Armored Brigades in Maiduguri.

The 81st Airborne and Amphibious Division with its base camp at Lagos have under its order the ninth Brigade having its base at the Ikeja compound in Lagos.

Likewise, the 82nd Division with its base camp at Enugu has under its order the 34 Artillery Brigade situated at Obinze/Owerri, the thirteenth Brigade situated at Calabar and the 2 Brigade situated at Port Harcourt.

In 1964, the Composite Division at Enugu was renamed as fourth Infantry Division.

How Can I Apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment?

Interested members of the public willing to join the service should follow the procedure to apply:


Visit the Nigerian Army official website: or

➢ Register with a valid email address

➢ Complete the Online Application Form

➢ Print and attest documents generated – Application and Guarantor forms

➢ Visit designated examination and recruitment centres with the above documents 

When Will Nigerian Army Recruitment Form be out?

Currently, Nigerian Army Recruitment form 2022 for 81 regular course intake is not yet. Ensure to book this page as updates will be made frequently.