Police Officer Ernesto Ceraldi Arrested For Attempted Assault; Who Is Ernesto Ceraldi, 43? Police Officer Arrested For Atempted Assault On A Woman In Pub

Ernesto Ceraldi, Manchester Police (GMP) Officer confessed to attempting rape and causing actual bodily injury.

He will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on 22nd of June.
The police marksman, Ernesto Ceraldi is facing prison sentence after forcing himself on a woman.

His action was described as “nothing short of disgraceful” by his deputy chief constable.
Ernesto has been charged with sexual assault and bodily harm.

The rape accusation was later reduced to attempted rape.
However, Judge Simon Medland remanded him in detention, warning him that he faced a “substantial” prison sentence.
He will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on 22nd of June.

Ernesto Ceraldi A Police Officer Arrested For an Assault

Ernesto Ceraldi works for Greater Manchester Police as a professional firearms officer and dog handler. He worked for Greater Manchester Police for 21 years according to reports.

He to tried to rape the victim and by harming her.

The 43-year-old firearms officer and dog trainer, Ceraldi met the victim while off duty on a night out with friends in Edenfield, Lancashire, on April 2.

After he had shown the woman his warrant card and images of his police dog, he gained the woman’s trust.
The victim’s neighbor raised the alarm after hearing her screaming at 1:30 a.m.

Ernesto was later seen out the house naked.
The prosecutors later arrived and were informed that the intercourse was consensual.

The victim accused him of yanking her hair, spitting at her, and placing his hands around her throat as claimed.

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