Roger Phillips Death: Author and mushroom expert Roger Phillips dies aged 88

Roger Phillips Death – Cause of Death: Foraging and fungi author and teacher Roger Phillips of Rogers mushrooms has passed away. His death was announced on Thursday, he was 88 years old.

The English author, photographer and artist was best known for his series of photographically illustrated plant identification guides and his encyclopaedic knowledge of mushrooms and fungi.

Roger attended St. Christopher School in Letchworth, a progressive vegetarian boarding school, before being called up to do National Service in the Royal Air Force, in Canada.

He was the founder and creator of the Rogers Mushrooms website that has more than 3000 collections of photos and details of 1500 species of mushrooms, fungi and mushroom recipes.

Roger Phillips’s first mushroom book was on the mushrooms of Europe in 1976 which was published after five years after which he started working on his illustrated guide to the mushrooms of North America, Fungi finders shared on Facebook.

“Rogers Mushrooms website has been a point of of reference for other researchers in the field as lot of pictures and works has been drawn from the website by other researchers for research purposes since the books were published.”

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