Sara Nicole Morales Death: Pregnant road rage incident victim instigated shooting

Sara Nicole Morales Death – Cause of Death: Investigations revealed Pregnant road rage incident victim instigated shooting.

According to Orange City Police Department, Nicole Morales intentionally hit a motorcyclist in the area of the 1400 block of N. Volusia Ave. around 5 p.m. on Saturday. The crash was minor, and the motorcyclist was not injured or ejected from his motorcycle.

Witnesses and the motorcyclist attempted to stop Morales at the intersection of 17-92 and Wisconsin Ave while she was attempting to make a left turn. Verbal contact was made with Morales for her to pull over for the arrival of law enforcement. Morales refused and was able to make the left turn onto E. Wisconsin Ave when traffic permitted, police said.

The motorcyclist and witness continued to follow Morales to her home while also contacting law enforcement, authorities said.

Morales went into her house and re-emerged a short time later. Morales confronted the witnesses and the motorcyclist, as they were on the phone with 911 and later pointed a handgun at them.

The motorcyclist having a valid Florida Concealed weapons permit, drew his concealed handgun and fired multiple rounds, striking Morales. Morales’ handgun was recovered on-scene, police said

The motorcyclist remained on scene and has been cooperating with law enforcement from the beginning, police said.

Orange City Police Department in conjunction with the States Attorney’s Office is continuing to investigate this incident, police said.

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