Steven Taylor Death: Calgary rugby player identified among British Columbia mudslide victims

Steven Taylor Death: Steven Taylor died in Monday’s mudslide in Duffy Lake just outside of Lillooet, BC, caused by the catastrophic rain and subsequent flooding that has hit British Columbia.

After heavy rains, four individuals were found dead in a mudslide, and one person is still missing.

Taylor was a passionate family man and active member of the city’s rugby community.

On Saturday three bodies were recovered from a landslide area on Highway 99 between Lillooet and Pemberton, along a section of the route known as the Duffey Lake Road.

Taylor was described as an intimidating force on the field but a “big softie” on the inside. “He was a character larger than life. He’s one of these people who would go out of his way to help anyone within the rugby community of our city, which is vast.” – Dean Hopkins 

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