Vancouver Teenage Crime: Police Warn Parents on Teenage Bullying – Canada

In Canada a 13-year-old boy who got a friend from the internet but on 24th of April, 2022 was deceived to come from his place West Vancouver to Stanley park.

According to reports, on getting to Stanley park, drink teenagers bullyed him by beating, kicking robbing him. He was sprayed with pepper spray.

Afterwards the group of the teenagers went to assault a 63-year-old man that walked near to where they were.

According to a Facebook report, the not was beaten to the extent that he was seen with blood.

Also on April 16, two boys were assaulted with knife at separate place in the night.
After they were surrounded by 15 to 20 teens near East Boulevard and West 41st Avenue the boys were robbed their bags, purse and electronics.

According to the Facebook report, “A teenaged boy had a pellet gun held to his head by another youth while sitting on the steps at the Vancouver Art Gallery the evening of April 9.’

It was until the VAG saw the video in security video that the case was reported to the police.

Police are working towards finding the victim and suspect as they have not been identified.

“VPD is also warning parents and youth about a concerning trend of teenagers swarming, assaulting, and video-taping their peers in humiliating and demeaning bullying rituals” as stated by the Facebook report m
VPD Sgt. Steven Addison said “A number of teens have already been hurt, and we’re worried the violence will further escalate,”

“That’s why we’re imploring young people to come forward if they’re a victim of violence, or if they have information that could prevent someone else from getting caught up in a dangerous situation.” he added.

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