Who is Dajimon Tarvaris Payne?, Biography, Net Worth, Dajimon Tarvaris Payne now in custody, Why was he arrested?, Charges

Dajimon Tarvaris Payne is a 16 years old boy who is recently got arrested for being involved in a murder case and shooting at Five Guys.

Dajimon Tarvaris Payne is now in the custody of Memphis Police.

This arrest is made in the response to the murder of a victim identified as Contario Sevion. Dajimon Tarvaris Payne is accused of killing a seventeen years old boy who was murdered at East Memphis restaurant while taking out the waste in September said Memphis Police.

Contario Sevion who is the victim of the murder declared dead on the spot of the incident, he was serving in Five Guys at East Memphis. Reportedly he was preparing to become a father in the coming days. Police answered the call from Five Guys, 1315 Ridgeway Rd., Suite 100, at midnight around 12:50 a.m.

Who is Dajimon Tarvaris Payne ? Dajimon Tarvaris Payne now in custody, Why was he arrested? All charges explained

On the next day, police arrested a young boy who was charged with first-degree murder and other criminal acts and Dajimon Tarvaris Payne was found to be the same guy confirmed by Memphis Police. And he is now in custody charged as an adult. Dajimon Tarvaris Payne who is the main accused in the murder case transferred behind the bars in Shelby County Jail on Tuesday. The court found him guilty for the possession of an arm and attempting to murder. Payne was also presented against the criminal court judge for murder charges.

Dajimon Tarvaris Payne who just while ago was found guilty in a murder case is just 16 years old and the victim who is dead now was a 17-year-old worker of ‘Five Guys’, Five Guys is a restaurant situated in Memphis. If we talk about his college and school we have got nothing as there is no previous data of the guy.

Reportedly, Dajimon Tarvaris Payne is now in detention in Shelby County Jail as per the Juvenile court judge. Hope is that the victim’s family may be in better condition.

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