Who is Harriet Robson? Age, Mason Greenwood of Sexual Assault, Height, Sister, Date of Birth, Net worth, Wiki

Harriet Robson is well known in the media because of her relationship with Mason Greenwood, originally she is a model who also works as an online media influencer.

About Greenwood

Greenwood is a Manchester United forward who is an English excellent footballer. He is a talented young footballer in the English Premier League.

Harriet Robson Accused Mason Greenwood of Sexual Assault

Harriet Robson’s allegations cause artisan Greenwood to face arrest or indictment. On Sunday, January 30, 2022, the clasps and images were posted.

This could imply that England internationally is being researched for this week. Greenwood has yet to respond to the allegations through internet media or a statement. Many supporters have already concluded that Greenwood will be rejected for his alleged activities.

Greenwood’s football club, Manchester United, and the FA have yet to respond to the situation. If this case may be. He will face a long time suspension

Harriet Robson Age, Family, Early Life

Harriet Robson is said to be around age 18. She was born in between 2003- 2004. She seems.unknown cause no one know about her root yet she well known for having a relationship with Mason. She hasn’t been featured on Wikipedia. Recently, she has become so popular because of her accusation against Mason of physical and sexual assault.

Harriet Robson Net worth, how much does she earn?

The net worth of Harriet Robson is unknown at the moment.

Harriet Robson Reveals pictures on Instagram post

Mason Greenwood has been implicated in the attack, according to Harriet Robson. On her Instagram account, she posted a series of videos and photos with wounds. In the primary footage, we can see her draining from her mouth. She should be visible, with genuine wounds all over her body. She has added a text to the clasp that says: “To every individual who needs to know how artisan Greenwood treats me.”

In other photos, she may be seen with bruises on her legs and arms. Robson has also published a tiny excerpt with the date October 22, 2021. A male, presumably, in the sound bite. “Move your advantages,” says Greenwood. Some further sound bites revealed in her story reveal their conversation prior to the attack occurrence. Fans viewed these accounts and shared them on social media.

As an influencer, we assume she makes a good sum of money.

Harriet Robson Boyfriend, What about her relationship?

Harriet Robson is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Mason Greenwood

Is Harriet Robson available on any kind of social media platform?

Harriet Robson is available on Instagram. She has 291k followers.

She had shared her pictures on Instagram post accusing Mason of assault. But she has deleted all her stories now.