Zach Steele Death – Cause of Death

Zach Steele Death – Cause of Death: Beloved cliff jumper, ‘humble and all-round amazing being’ Zach Steele has passed away following his involvement in a speed flying accident on Thursday, November 25.

“I met Zach in Vermont 2015 and was blown away how stylish of a cliff jumper he was,” Nick Coulter shared via Facebook. We had never seen anything like it. He introduced “Tahoe Steeze” to us all. Early on when everyone was pushing limits with gainers and backflips, Zach was on another axis.”

Family, friends and everyone who knew Zach Steele are extremely sad and currently grieving the loss of ‘one of the most humble human being’.

“His style was so unique and timeless. If the word “steeze” is in the dictionary, a picture of Zach’s misty should be front and center.”

“He was such an amazing and humble person. He was always smiling. Always made us laugh. I have never seen Zach mad.”

“Zach Steele you were one of a kind. All the times you pushed me to do double flips on snow when I didn’t want to,” Connor Nelson shared. “You were are true coach and an inspiration to many. Thank you for introducing me to the cliff jumping community.”

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