BENPOLY School Fees for 2020/2021 Academic session

 Benue State Polytechnic BENPOLY School Fees 2020/2021 for New Entry and Regular students…More Edified Details are Placed Below.

The Benue State Polytechnic (BENPOLY )  wishes to inform the GENERAL PUBLIC that BENPOLY  has currently Release the amount payable as school fees for the 2020/2021 academic session. Aspirants are  advised to carefully Review the Benue State Polytechnic school fees for the 2020/2021 academic session. All New and Regular students are now Allowed to Review their fixed school fees.

Compiling the Benue State Polytechnic school fees information has not being so easy and we have bring out the best procedures by which candidates can check their school fees...If you are making use of PC or a Smartphone to get Access your BENPOLY  school fees, just Stay online and follow the Guideline Below:


BENPOLY Resumption Date for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

BENPOLY School Fees

S/N Item Sub-head Status Amount (₦)
1 Application for Admission Admission Form – Code 01 5000
2 Admission Letter Acceptance Fee – Code 02 3000
3 DIP 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing, P/Supply School Fee – Code 1A Indigene 53000
School Fee – Code 1B Non-Indigene 68500
4 ND 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing School Fee – Code 2A Indigene 53000
School Fee – Code 2B Non-Indigene 68500
5 HND 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing, Statistics School Fee – Code 3A Indigene 54500
School Fee – Code 3B Non-Indigene 71500
6 Pre-ND, Rem Sc School Fee – Code 4A Indigene 56000
School Fee – Code 4B Non-Indigene 74000
7 ADPA, ASOC, CBF, CCD, CLS, CPM, CPAA, CPA School Fee – Code 5A Indigene 61300
School Fee – Code 5B Non-Indigene 84250
8 DIP 1 B/F, Comm Dev, Law, Lib Sc, LGS, Mass Com, DPM, DPAA, DPA, HDLGS School Fee – Code 6A Indigene 61300
School Fee – Code 6B Non-Indigene 84250
9 DIP 1 Architecture, Engineering, Building, Ceramics, EHT, Estate, URP, Food Sc, Geology, Graphics, HM, OTM, Painting, Sculpture, Survey, Textile School Fee – Code 7A Indigene 62000
School Fee – Code 7B Non-Indigene 86500
10 ND 1 Art, Building, Engineering, Estate, URP, HM, OTM, SLT, Statistics, Survey School Fee – Code 8A Indigene 62000
School Fee – Code 8B Non-Indigene 86500
11 ACLS, BTC, CAD, CFD, CHM, HCHM, ICLS, TC 1 School Fee – Code 9A Indigene 61300
School Fee – Code 9B Non-Indigene 84250


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We advise all students to be more careful when paying for any tuition fee, avoid paying to the wrong hands in order not be lose your Admission.

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BENPOLY HND Admission Form for 2020/2021 Admission Exercise

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