BIDAPOLY Academic Calendar 2020/2021 Academic Session

Federal Poly Bida Resumption Date

 Federal Polytechnic, Bida BIDAPOLY New, and current Academic Calendar for the 2020/2021 Academic Session for New and Regular Students.

BIDAPOLY New Academic Calendar The Federal Polytechnic Bida management has released the New and current Academic Calendar for the 2020/2021 Academic Session, the Institution “Federal Polytechnic Bida” which as compiled the current Academic Calendar 2019 for the benefit of its candidates has advised that all students who are into studies and those who are about entering into its department are to key into the New Academic Calendar as regards to the information given…see the Federal Polytechnic Bida New Academic Calendar and the associated documents Below.

BIDAPOLY Academic Calendar

BIDAPOLY Academic Calendar


Federal Poly Bida Post UTME Screening Form 2020/2021 Admission Session.

Federal Polytechnic Bida Academic Calendar.




  • Wednesday 21st ‹‹›› School resumes for Academic Activities
  • Wednesday 21st ‹‹›› Registration for all Students commences
  • Thursday 22nd ‹‹›› SIWES Students to download new SIWES letters and continue their program
  • Thursday 22nd ‹‹›› Submission of applications for registration/renewal of Associations and CIubs to Students Affairs Office
  • Monday 26th ‹‹›› All 2017/2018 HND II & ND II to submit their Projects
  • Saturday 31st ‹‹›› All project defense to be completed on or before October 31st, 2020


  • Monday 2nd ‹‹›› Lecture begins for all Students except SIWES Students
  • Monday 23rd ‹‹›› Departmental Result Scrutiny Committee meets to consider results
  • Wednesday 25th ‹‹›› Departmental Board Meeting


  • Tuesday 1st ‹‹›› School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Saturday 5th ‹‹›› End of SIWES
  • Monday 7th ‹‹›› Lectures begins for SIWES students
  • Monday 7th ‹‹›› Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 8th ‹‹›› School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 9th ‹‹›› Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Thursday 10th ‹‹›› Meeting of JAMB Admission Screening Committee
  • Friday 18th ‹‹›› Christmas Break


  • Monday 4th ‹‹›› Resumption from Christmas Break
  • Monday 4th ‹‹›› Online Registration begins for 2020/2021 HND 1 & ND I (new Students)
  • Tuesday 5th ‹‹›› Departmental Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 6th ‹‹›› School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Tuesday 12th ‹‹›› Registration of Post Semester begins
  • Wednesday 13th ‹‹›› Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Sunday 24th ‹‹›› All newly admitted Students HND I & ND 1 (2020/2021 Academic Session) arrive Campus
  • Monday 25th ‹‹›› Lecture begins for HND I and ND 1 (2020/2021) Students


  • Monday 1st ‹‹›› Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 2nd ‹‹›› School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 3rd ‹‹›› Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Monday 8th ‹‹›› Departmental Orientation
  • Tuesday 9th ‹‹›› School Orientation
  • Wednesday 10th ‹‹›› Polytechnic Orientation
  • Friday 12th ‹‹›› Matriculation Ceremony for all 2019/2020 & 2020/2021 newly admitted Students (HNDI & ND I)
  • Saturday 13th ‹‹›› End of lectures for HND II & ND II for 2018/2019 Students
  • Monday 15th ‹‹›› First Semester Examination commences

MARCH 2021

  • Saturday 6th ‹‹›› End of First Semester Examinations
  • Monday 8th ‹‹›› Post Semester Examination commences
  • Saturday 13th ‹‹›› End of Post Semester Examinations

APRIL 2021

  • Saturday 17th ‹‹›› End of lectures for Students for HND I & ND I 2020/2021 Session
  • Monday 19th ‹‹›› First Semester Examination commences for HND I & ND I 2020/2021 Session
  • Friday 30th ‹‹›› End of First Semester Examination for HND 1 & ND I 2020/2021 Session


MAY 2021

  • Sunday 9th ‹‹›› All returning Students arrive on Campus
  • Wednesday 12th ‹‹›› Lecture begins for all returning Students
  • Thursday 13th ‹‹›› Academic Board Business and Scrutiny Committee Meeting
  • Monday 17th ‹‹›› Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 18th ‹‹›› School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 19th ‹‹›› Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Wed 26-Sat 29th ‹‹›› ‹‹›› Sports Fiesta
  • Monday 31st ‹‹›› Registration of Post Semester begins

JUNE 2021

  • Monday 14th ‹‹›› Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 15th ‹‹›› School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 16th ‹‹›› Statutory Academic Board Meeting

JULY 2021

  • Saturday 4th ‹‹›› End of Lectures for all Students
  • Mon 26-Sat 31st ‹‹›› CBT/Practical Examination begins


  • Monday 2nd ‹‹›› Second Semester Examination begins
  • Saturday 21st ‹‹›› End of Second Semester Examinations
  • Monday 23rd ‹‹›› Post Semester Examination begins
  • Saturday 28th ‹‹›› End of Post Semester Examinations
  • Monday 30th ‹‹›› SIWES commences for concerned Students

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Federal Poly Bida Admission List for All Degree Programmes 2020/2021 Academic Session

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