GATEWAY Polytechnic New Academic Calendar for 2020/2021 Academic Session

 GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade (GAPOSA) New and current academic Calendar for the 2020/2021 Academic Session for Fresh and Regular Students.

GAPOSA New Academic Calendar ♠ The Authorities of GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade has again compiled the New and current academic Calendar for the 2019/2020 Academic Session…This Awareness means that the GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade have readjusted the GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade academic Calendar for the 2020/2021 Academic Session.

It is advised that all students who are into studies and those who are about entering into it’s department are to key into the New Academic Calendar as regards to the information given …see the GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade New Academic Calendar and the associated documents Below.

GAPOSA Academic Calendar

GAPOSA Academic Calendar

GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade New and current Academic Calendar

Many years ago the GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade have delivered millions of students who have studied in the Institution based on the early learning of each student, and are always ready carry each student along through the process of Studies.GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade Offers the best education courses and services to help enhance total quality Education for Students from Nigeria and Beyond, Thanks to the GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade which is one of the Best institution in Nigeria that has a Total Quality Teachers/ Lecturers who has being Trained well for the total quality Education, in the Educational Sector and are always ready to flow along with Students who are only but Serious in the courses of Learning.


GAPOSA Acceptance Fee & Payment Procedure for 2020/2021 Academic Session.


  1. Resumption of Academic Activities: Monday 18th February, 2020
  1. Course Registration: (3 weeks) to be done concurrent with lecture. Monday 18th February-Friday 8th March, 2020
  1. Lecture Period (13 weeks)

Monday 18th February- Friday 17th May, 2019

  1. Mid- Semester Test (3 days)

Wednesday 10th –Friday 12th April, 2019

  1. Revision (1 week)

Monday 20th -Friday 24th May. 2019

  1. Examination Period (5 days)

Monday 27th –Friday 31th May, 2019

  1. Association Week (1 week)

Monday 17th – Friday 21st June, 2019

  1. Marking/Moderation of HNDII scripts from last day of examination (2weeks)

Monday 3rd – Friday 14th June, 2019

  1. Result Process (2 weeks)

Monday 17th – Friday 28th June, 2019

  1. Consideration of Results by Academic Board

Tuesday 2nd July, 2019


GATEWAY Polytechnic Cut off mark 2020/2021 Academic Session | UPDATED


  1. Resumption of Academic Activities:
  2. NDI & HNDI Monday 25th March, 2019
  3. NDII                Monday 8th April, 2019
  1. Course Registration

(3 weeks) to be done concurrently with lecture

  1. NDI & HNDI Monday 25th March- Friday 12th April, 2019
  2. NDII                Monday 8th –Friday 26th April, 2019
  1. Lecture Period
  2. NDI & HNDI (14 weeks) Monday 25th March- Friday 28th June, 2019
  3. NDII (12 weeks) Monday 8th April –Friday 28th June, 2019
  1. End of Semester Test (5 days)
  2. NDI & HNDI Monday 13th – Friday 17th May, 2019
  3. NDII                Monday 13th –Friday 17th May, 2019
  1. Association Week (1 week)

Monday 17th –Friday 21st June, 2019

  1. Revision Week

Monday 1st –Friday 5th July, 2019

  1. Examination Period (3 weeks/15 working days)

Monday 8th –Friday 26th July, 2019

8a.       Commencement of one year Industrial Training for NDII

Monday 5th August, 2019

  1. Commencement of 4 Months SIWES for NDI

Monday 5th August –Friday 29th November, 2019

  1. Convocation Week Friday 20th – 28th September, 2019
  1. Marking/Moderation of NDII Scripts from last day of examination (2 weeks)

Monday 29th July –Friday 9th August, 2019

  1. Result Processing (2 Weeks)

Monday 12th –Friday 23rd August, 2019

  1. Consideration of Results by Academic Board

Tuesday 27th August, 2019

  1. Commencement of 2019/2020 Academic Session

Monday 2nd September, 2019

Only students who are ready to humble themselves in the course of study are only those who come out with flying colors.

GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade Education processes are all approved bu NUC which is the National Universities Commission of Nigeria is a government commission promoting quality higher education in Nigeria .

GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade came along with the institution which was Least Expected to grant and fight for the future of student who value Knowledge, one of the things that set GATEWAY Polytechnic Saapade Aside from other Universities is that the Institution is Based on Absolute Integrity.


GATEWAY Polytechnic School Fees for 2021/2022 Academic session

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