How to Score Very High in JAMB for 2020/2021 “Best Review”

How to score very high in JAMB this year The guideline Below Provides Total Comprehensive Information you need to get on the Road to your Professional Educational Careers.

There are several different factors of scoring very high in JAMB one of those factors that mattered more than anything else is This. I could tell you with a tremendous Conviction that this Page what you need many Read and Applied so as you.

A lot of students struggle year in year out to pass Jamb exams. The mention of the word JAMB alone gives some students the jitters because they believe that it’s an examination that is difficult, if not completely impossible to pass by the average student.

Every year candidates who failed JAMB exam usually give up any hope of securing admission for that particular academic year hoping to wait till next year to write another JAMB exam. But do you know that with us you can succeed in JAMB this year?

Jamb this year is not how brilliant you are but how smart and committed you are. Let this be the last Jamb you will be writing with my full assistance.

This year jamb Exam won’t be an easy Exam for Jamb Candidates. Your future is in your hands, jamb Exam is not how Brilliant and intelligent you are, but how fast and smart your are. Archiving great is not all about hard working, but by making use of potentials in other people to attain great (by letting people work for your greatness) What fails many candidate is pretending to know what they don’t know. You know how prepared you are, you know how fast you are in reading and answering questions. You know how many minutes you can attend to one question. Stop lying to yourself.

Am like a guidance counselor to you. Let me tell you what you don’t know. There are three set of people that pass jamb Every Year

  • Serious Art students (apart from Literature students)
  • Smart Student that knows their ability and capability and developed it.(both Science and Art student)
  • Those that knows their weakness and Seeks for Jamb Helps(when they meet the wrong people they fail,when they meet the right people they pass more than Other ones)

Some people have written Jamb up to three(3) time due to Ignorance. Don’t try to be one. This life is your 100% Responsibility.

This is not the time to start Reading but for revision and finding your way through.

How to score very high in JAMB UTME this year without our help

1. Understand What has changed in Jamb

Ever since the introduction of Jamb CBT, a lot of things have changed. This range from the introduction of CCTV cameras to the use of pin vending system and many more.

A question comes to mind, how do I pass Jamb despite the changes and measures to make the examination strict? You can do that:

Whether you believe it or not, you can either succeed or suck seeds in Jamb. Now for you to fail, it means there are factors that sponsors or nourish failure. You will have to address that.

3. Understand The Power of Jamb Past Questions

Jamb past questions can make you pass Jamb with lesser effort. The joint admission and matriculation board do not have new questions to set. They re-package the old ones in a way you will not suspect. The use of past questions will reveal this to you. However, not everyone knows how to effectively use Jamb past question.

4. Prepare Mentally

What you are not prepared for, you are not qualified for. Before writing Jamb, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. The two articles below will be of great help.

5. Total Salvation in Jamb

I have decided to draw Jamb candidates closer. This is to make you very free to share your weakness with me. I will guide you through. For complete and daily Jamb guide with me, you may want to join our Jamb chat and Clinic.

6. Read Points

The reason why so many candidates fail Jamb is that they read too hard. It sounds ironically, right? But you don’t need to read hard. All you need is to read wise.

Go through the Jamb syllabus and point out the hot topics. For example, the Jamb mathematics syllabus doesn’t require you to learn inverse of 3*3 matrix. Learning it means that you are off point.

Reading off point is the number one reason why very intelligent students fail Jamb examination. Do not read out of point.

7. Constant Reading

I hear Jamb candidates say, “I have finished this subject, no need to focus on it”. It is not the right attitude towards learning. With every passing week, go through all your subjects over and over again. With this, the points will be clearer to you.

The reason why you should constantly go through your subjects is that it helps you refresh the ideas. Else, you will forget a whole lot of things in the jamb exam hall.

8. Put Down High Score Points

As you study for Jamb, ensure to put down the key points in your rough note. When the exam gets very close, revise the point all over again.

This has been dealt with in my post on how to prepare for an exam overnight.

9. Don’t Just Read Calculation Courses

Do not just read calculation courses. Make sure you pick a pen, calculator and rough sheet. For every topic you learn, solve at least 20 questions.

10. Don’t Assume

Never assume that you know any topic. Test yourself whether you really understand it.

11. Avoid Procrastination

Later things. This is the language of procrastinators. Avoid the use of such language and get back to work.

12. Study Effectively

Effective study means that you actually gained something from what you have studied. As you read, ask yourself, “what have I learnt so far?”.

Telling yourself the truth is honesty.

13. Ask Questions

Do not keep quiet. When you come across what is difficult to you. Quickly seek help.

14. Study Long

It is true that life not all about duration but donation. However, most effective studies are functions of time. Spend quality time to study.

15. You Need Mentor

A mentor is someone that has written Jamb and gained admission to study his desired course. You need a guide from a mentor.

Tips On How To Pass Jamb Examination Without Stress

Below are helpful tips on how to pass jamb examination without stress. Whether you are a student seeking for admission or applicant preparing for FRSC recruitment test, this article is for you.

#1 Be Passionate About Passing The Examination

The first step in passing Jamb examination without stress is to be passionate about it. In other words, be determined to succeed and don’t be discouraged by any challenge that come your way.

#2 Get The Recommended Text Books

There are several text books in the circulation, some of them are not in accordance with jamb syllabus. So, try to lay your hands on the recommended text books.

#3 Get Jamb Syllabus and Hot topics

Another good way to pass jamb examination without stress is to study with Jamb syllabus. When you study with Jamb syllabus, you have an idea of the areas to cover and other hot topics to read.

#4 Study for long hours

Jamb syllabus is very wide and to be able to cover it, you need to study for long hours. The truth is, when you study for long hours, you will be very vast in all area. And vastness is an added advantage for a jamb candidate.

#5 Practice Jamb Past Questions

Practicing with Jamb Past questions will enable you to pass Jamb examination without stress. It will give you an idea on the structure of Jamb questions and how to answer them.

As a rule, don’t check for answers while practicing with Jamb past questions, it will only make you to be lazy. It is advisable to check the answers to each exercise after you are through with your practice.

#6 Set Personal Test and Examinations For Yourself

After reading most of the topics outlined in the syllabus, try to set personal test and examination for yourself. This will enable you to ascertain the extent to which you have prepared.

#7 Say No To Procrastination

The greatest enemy of a jamb candidate is Procrastination. It is a bad habit that you must stop if you want to pass jamb examination without stress.

Don’t allow other things to eat into your study time. For instance, watching a movie during your study hour is a taboo in reading culture.

Try to be disciplined with your time and adhere strictly to your study timetable. This is the first step towards the right direction.

With the right strategy and guidelines, Jamb examination is very simple and easy. Especially for those who prepare seriously for it. However, for those that didn’t prepare, it may seem very difficult and complicated.

Guide On How to Study For Long Hours With Full Concentration

#1 Relax very well before reading

The first step to study for long hours with full concentration is to relax very well. It is a complete waste of time when you try to study knowing fully well that you are stressed out.

It doesn’t work that way, after a stressful activity, it is advisable that you take a nap. This will make your system to be relaxed and you will gain some level of energy. As a result, you can study for  long hours with full concentration.

#2 Eat Very Well

I don’t think there is any magic that will make a hungry man understand what he is reading. In fact, when you are hungry, every course becomes meaningless and your pen sometimes may annoy you.

Therefore, try to eat good food before you start reading. This will give you enough energy and endurance to study for long hours without losing concentration.

#3 Set a goal

Sometimes you may be motivated to study harder when you set a reading goal for yourself. This involve mapping out the areas you want to cover and focus on those areas alone.

If you can develop this habit on the long run, you will be able to study for long hours with concentration. Try this out in your next reading session.

#4 Choose A Reading Location

We have different ability, some people reading in quiet atmosphere while others don’t. Also, some students prefer reading and listening to music while others prefer reading in a very noisy environment.

Know yourself and choose the location that is very conducive for you. Once you figure this out, reading with full concentration can be achieved.

#5 Try To Make The Subject Lively

There are instances when the course is very boring and uninteresting to read. I have been in this situation before. Well, what you should do is to look for an interesting part in the subject.

You can also take short breaks to refresh your memory from time to time. Also, organizing group studies with friends about the topic wouldn’t be a bad idea.

These are the tips on how to study for long hours with full concentration. If you apply this tips very well, they will help you achieve your academy goals.

Steps To Prepare And Pass Jamb In Two Weeks

Do you really want to prepare and pass Jamb in two weeks, the following tips will help you achieve that:

  • Study with full insight.
  • Make Use Of Adrenaline.
  • Don’t Read Big Materials.
  • Read And Revise.
  • Use Past Questions

I will now break down the points so that you will get the full understand of the message I am trying to pass across. Trust me, it is going to be very easy for you to understand and apply.

All the points are important, however, number five is the real gist. Do not forget the number five on my list.

(1) Study With Full Insight

Since Jamb is now very close, you do not need to pay attention to every detail.

As you read, pick out the important points and neglect the rest. This will improve the rate at which you cover topics.

Stories in the textbook are to make you feel more comfortable and as well make the text interesting. They do not come out in the exam.

Now you may be asking, what about the recommended novel for Jamb use of English? It is true that the novel contains stories. Do not waste your time reading the Jamb novel. Focus on other subjects and topics.

However, pay more attention to the dates, characters and location in the novel. Questions there will come in the form of where, what, when and how.

During these few days to the exam, do not assume that you know any topic. Ensure that you visit every topic as fast as possible.

Do not waste time on any topic. Jot down the key points very fast and go back to them later for better understanding.

See Also:How to answer Jamb questions with the speed of light.

(2) Make Use Of Adrenaline

As Jamb examination date draws closer, your zeal to read reduces. When it is now finally two weeks to the exam, your zeal to read increases.

Do not waste this sudden increase appetite to read on social media. Go to your closet and read like never before. It is time to spend a high quality time with your books.

If I may ask, when last did you spend 15 hours straight with your books?

Two weeks to the exam, the power to remember everything you read in the exam hall builds up. You will not forget anything you study easily in this period. Take advantage of this to study as many topics as possible.

Many Jambites are fond of reading and chatting simultaneous. This is not good for you, especially when you have a whole lot to cover within the limited time. Don’t Facebook but Face Your Book.

Have confidence in yourself. There is no way you will fail Jamb. Forget what you hear about Jamb. If I could pass Jamb and gain admission into my school of choice, what makes you think that you cannot do the same?

(3) Don’t Read Big Materials

The books recommended by Jamb are usually very bulky. You don’t have to study them when the examination is already knocking at your door.

Get textbooks that are straight to the point. There are books you can finish within two days. This doesn’t mean that they are of lower quality. The only thing is that they contain only the relevant points.

Example of such textbook is QUICK REVIEW IN CHEMISTRY. You can actually finish the book in two days and score 90+ in Jamb chemistry. There are such simplified books for every subject.

If you have sound background in English, nothing should stop you from passing Jamb use of English.

Comprehension may want to take your time, but I have dealt with how to answer jamb comprehension passages in 10 minutes. Click here to read my famous article on Jamb reading comprehension.

(4) Read And Revise

This point is very easy. Read and go over it after sometime.

As the name implies, ensure to put down very important points as you study. Then try to revise all the points when it is two days to the exam.

This is to ensure that you don’t struggle to remember in the exam hall. The rhema just flows without stress.

It is possible that you may not really understand some ideas passed in the topic. Revision gives you better understanding.

Revision is very effective and powerful. Do not fail to revise.

(5) Use Past Questions

Welcome on board. The fastest way to prepare and score very high in Jamb is the use of Jamb past questions. Get the past questions for your four Jamb subjects and study along with them. Start solving past questions from the year 2005. Make sure you solve and understand everything.

You should be able to solve and understand 8 years past questions within a week and two days. Consult Google or your textbook for any question that is not clear. This is funny, but you will have to cram what refuses to enter.

Generally, you don’t have to cram past questions. Try as much as possible to get the full picture. As simple as this may be, it is capable of making you score 350+. Follow these guide and you will surely come back to testify. Mark my words.

Note:You don’t only study Jamb past questions because it would be repeated word-for-word. You study past questions so as to operate at the same frequency with Jamb. That’s to say, it makes you attain Jamb standard and no question surprises you in the hall.

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