OAU New Academic Calendar for 2021/2022 Academic Session Updated!!!

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Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) New and current academic Calendar for the 2021/2022 Academic Session for New and Regular Students.

OAU New Academic Calendar The institution “Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) “ has Listed out the New and current academic Calendar for the 2021/2022 academic session: This is to say that Obafemi Awolowo University Academic calendar has being restructured by the management of Obafemi Awolowo University all New and regular Students, studying in Obafemi Awolowo University are to key into these New and Current Academic Calendar… OAU Aspirants are to see more Details Below.

OAU Academic Calendar

Important Key Points to Apply in 2021/2022 OAU Academic Calendar

Below are some key point that “will” probably help you in the course of your Educational Carrier which consist of:

  • As a Student who is about embarking on the journey of education some important things to do which is the primary level is to write down the information you are just reading.
  • As a Student you must know fully well that knowledge kept in times of reading, are the same knowledge that will rescue you in time of Need.
  • Check the New and Current Academic Calendar often and memorize it so that you won’t miss or escape any of your Exams or texts.
  • Always Visit this Page always, make use of the SEARCH BUTTON type in your school name, all the important information about your institution will come out depending on the one you need at the right time.

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DATE                                                 EVENT/ACTIVITY

March 23, 2020 –

January 18, 2021                               COVID-19 LOCKDOWN (Students)

January 12, 2021                               Committee of Deans

January 14, 2021                               Business Committee of Senate

January 19, 2021                               Special Senate

February 7, 2021                               All Clinical, Part V (Pharmacy) and Part IV (AgricStudents Come into Residence

February 8, 2021                               Online Registration for Courses continues

February 8, 2021                               Harmattan Semester Lectures Continues for all Students  (Physical and Online)

February 19, 2021                             End of Normal Registration

February 26, 2021                             End of Late Registration

March 16, 2021                                 Committee of Deans

March 18, 2021                                 Business Committee of Senate

March 19, 2021                                 MATRICULATION

March 24, 2021                                 Senate

March 29 – 30, 2021                         Faculty/Students Colloquium

April 5-9, 2021                                   Continuous Assessment

April 16, 2021                                    Harmattan Semester Lectures End

April 19-23, 2021                               Revision/Lecture Free Week

April 26, 2021                                    Harmattan Semester Examinations Begin

May 11, 2021                                     Committe of Deans

May 14, 2021                                     Harmattan Semester Examinations End

May 17-28, 2021                                Harmattan Semester Break

May 20, 2021                                     Business Committee of Senate

May 26, 2021                                     Senate


DATE                                                 EVENT/ACTIVITY

May 17, 2021                                     Online Registration for Courses Begin

May 30, 2021                                     All Clinical, Part V (Pharmacy) and Part IV (Agric) Students Come into  Residence

May 31, 2021                                     Rain Semester Lectures Begin

June 1, 2021                                       Departmental Board of Examiners

June 4, 2021                                       End of Normal Registration

June 8, 2021                                       Faculty Board of Examiners

June 11, 2021                                     End of Late Registration

June 9-10, 2021                                 Faculty /Students Colloquium

June 15, 2021                                     Committee of Deans

June 24, 2021                                     Business Committtee of Senate

June 30, 2021                                     Senate for Consideration of Harmattan 2019/2020 Results

July 5-9, 2021                                    Continuous Assessment

August 20, 2021                                 Rain Semester Lectures End

August 23-27, 2021                           Revision/Lecture Free Week

August 30, 2021                                 Rain Semester Examinations Begin

September 17, 2021                          Rain Semester Examinations End

October 5, 2021                                 Departmental Board of Examiners

October 7, 2021                                 Faculty Board of Examiners

October 12, 2021                               Committee of Deans

October 14, 2021                               Business Committee of Senate

October 20, 2021                               Senate for Consideration of Rain Semester 2019/2020 Results

October 21, 2021                               End of Session

October 25 –November 19, 2021     Vacation

November 22, 2021                           2021/2022 Session Begins


Harmattan Semester

  1. Lecture Periods (Contd):             8th Feb., 2021 – 16th April, 2021  = 10 weeks
  2. Normal Registraton (Contd):       8th Feb., 2021 – 19th Feb., 2021   = 2 weeks
  3. Late Registration:                         22nd Feb., 2021 – 26th Feb., 2021 = 1 week
  4. Lecture Free Week:                       19th April, 2021 -23rd April, 2021  =  1 week
  5. Examination Period:                      26th April, 2021 -14th May, 2021   =  3 weeks
  6. Vacation :                                        17th May, 2021 – 28th May, 2021  =  2 weeks

Rain Semester

  1. Lecture Periods:                             31st May, 2021 – 20th August, 2021  = 12 weeks
  2. Normal RegistratIon:                    17th May, 2021 – 4th June, 2021   = 3 weeks
  3. Late Registration:                          7th June, 2021 – 11th June,  = 1 week
  4. Lecture Free Week:                       23rd August, 2021 -27th August,2021  =  1 week
  5. Examination Period:                      30th August, 2021 -17th September, 2021=  3 weeks
  6. Vacation:                                         October 25 – November 19, 2021  =  4 weeks

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