Kim Glass Attacker Arrest And Charges Explained, 51-Year-Old Suspect Arrested

The Los Angeles attacker that attack the former volleyball olympain has been identified as a 51-year-old homeless man Semeon Tesfamariam. A charge of assault with a deadly weapon has led to his current detention on $30,000 bail.

Kim Glass is a well known former volleyball Olympian who was attack in downtown Los Angeles, sustained many facial fractures and had one of her eyes swell shut.

Olympic silver medallist Glass claimed that when she was leaving lunch with her friend, she observed a man on the other side of the street holding something.

Glass was attacked, which left her with several facial fractures. She also mentioned that one of her eyelids was swollen shut and that she needed stitches. She was struck in the face by what seemed to be a pipe. As reported by The Associated Press, the accident occurred on Friday, July 8, 2022.

Who Is Kim Glass Attacker? A 51-Year-Old Homeless Suspect Was Arrested

Former Olympic volleyball player Kim Glass’s attacker has been identified as a homeless man named Semeon Tesfamariam. 

He is an American man who is currently 51 years old. Tesfamariam violently attacked the player in downtown Los Angeles. In a video uploaded to social media, Glass could be seen with one eye almost completely swollen shut. Moreover, the olympian claimed that the incident caused a fractured cheek that required stitches.

Glass added that the man threw a metal object at her without giving her any time to prepare or defend herself, hitting her in the face and leaving one eye swollen shut and a fractured cheek.

Following such an incident, the LAPD officers arrested Semeon. He is now being held in custody on a $30,000 bail following an assault with a deadly weapon accusation.

Kim Glass Injury Update: She is Recovering

Following the injury, Kim Glass was rushed to a nearby hospital. In a video shared on social media, the former Olympian, model, and trainer, stated that her sight would be fine and that she was appreciative of her doctor, family, and friends.

In a video she shared, her right eye is seen to be swollen, bruised, and stitched below her eyebrow. However, Glass is grateful for having wonderful friends and family around her and supporting her, which has been the best part.


Does Kim Glass Have A Husband? Her Family

Kim Glass doesn’t appear to have a husband because the evidence for such a claim is lacking. Therefore, unless we have proper proof, it is inappropriate to say that she is married.

Fans have continued to be curious about her love life, but there are no public rumors regarding her probable husband or partner. In fact, the majority of Glass’ Instagram posts are about her career.

Talking about Glass’ other family members, she was born to her parents, Sherman (her father) and Kathy Glass (her mother). Apart from them, she also has two brothers, Darryl and Marcius, and two sisters, Shalana and Shayne in her family.

How Much Is Kim Glass Net Worth?

Indoor volleyball player and model Kim Glass’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million. She has amassed a considerable fortune as a result of her primary profession as a volleyball player.

Kim made her Olympic debut in Beijing in 2008, where she contributed to Team USA’s silver-medal victory. Although her actual income has not been made public, it is safe to presume that she is living a good lifestyle from the money she made through her athletic career.