Queensland Jockey Leah Kilner Health Status Update, Accident Details.

Leah Kilner is making a good name for herself as a renowned jockey. She recently faced a severe accident while falling from the horse during a race at Grafton on July 3.

Leah was born in 1988 and she is presently 24 years old and was doing well in the Grafton race until her horse fell in the home straight and dislodged Leah from her mount, resulting in severe injuries.

Leah has participated in more than 1000 races and has ridden more than 200 wins in those races. She is an apprentice with Brisbane-based trainer Rob Heathcote.

Queensland Jockey Leah Kilner Accident Update

Leah Kilner suffered a severe accident while racing at Grafton, and the medical team rushed Leak to the PA hospital for further treatment after the incident.

Leah is known to be a skilled jockey, but the race at Grafton was not the day for her to shine. Due to the fall in the race, she was in an induced coma and was rushed to the hospital’s Intensive care unit.

After nearly one week after the incident, she has been showing improvements in her health. She has been moved from the ICU unit to the high dependency unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

In the early phase of the treatment, Leah needed aid like a breathing tube for breathing, and now she is breathing unaided.

Rob Heathcote has given more updates on her health. He has shared the whereabouts of her health and that she can recognize everyone around her but cannot communicate at the moment, which might happen soon.

What Happened To Leah Kilner?

Leah Kilner met an accident while racing on her horse at Grafton. When she collapsed during the race, the mount got dislodged from the horse, due to which she fell from the horse.

Ahe suffered a broken collarbone, ribs, and leg injuries and was in a coma for almost a week. After the incident, Leah was taken to the PA hospital by airlift. Her mother accompanied Leah on the flight.

She was greatly hampered by the fall and has now been removed from the ICU unit but will require time to recover and be better before she goes for a race again.


Where Is Leah Kilner Now?

Leah Kilner has been out of danger and is showing signs of improvement. She is still in the hospital and getting all the required treatments to improve her condition.

Her parents felt relieved when Leah squeezed the hands of her mother when she was in an induced coma. They are happy to see her condition improve but know there is a long way to heal and become healthy again.

Her father also told her he would encourage her daughter to take another profession if she wanted to. Leah’s father, Greg, is a trainer; her family was there to watch the race where the accident occurred.