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What is Computer | Classification of computer

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What is Computer  Classification of computer | A computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a list of instruction . it is an electronics machines which can accept data in a prescribed form, process the data and supply the results as information in a specified form.



Computers are classified based on the following criteria:

*According to the type of data processed

*According to the Size

* According to the purpose

*According to the usage and

* According to the age of technology.


Computers are classified according to the type of data they process  the three types of computers under this category are 1 analogue computers 2 digital computers and 3 hybrid computers


  1. Analogue computers

analogue computers are like measuring instruments  such as thermometers and  voltmeters with pointers on circulars dials tjey process data inform of electrical voltage. The output from analogue computers is often in the form of smooth graphs from which information can be read.

Analogue computers exploit the math similarities between physical interrelationship in certain problems and employ electronics or hydraulics circuits to simulates the physical problem. The simplest analogue calculating device is the slide rule, which employs specially calibrates scales to facilitates multiplication , devision and other function  the analogue computers is more sophisticated electronics or hydraulic device that is designed to handle input in terms of, for example voltage level; or hydraulic pressures the inputs are converted to voltage  that many be added or multiplied using specially designed circuit elements. The answers are continuously generated for display or for conversion to another desired form.

  1. Digital computers

The digital computers are computers that processed data that is represented in discrete value (e.g.  01,2,3,…) digital computers solve problems by performing calculation and by dealing with each number digit by digit . Everything a digital computers does is based on one operation, the ability to determine whether a switch or gate is open or closed that is the computer  can recognized only two states in any of its microscopic circuit on or off , high voltage or low voltage or in the case of number 0 or 1 the speed at which the computer perforns this simplest  act however, is what makes marvel of modern technology.


Computer speed are measured in megahertz or million of cycles per second. A computer with clock spped of 100MHS ( a representative speed for a microcomputer) is capable of executing 100 million discrete operation each second . super speeds of billions of cycles per seconds . The analogue and digital computers are the main types of computers in use today.

  1. Hybride computers

Installations that contain elements of both digital and analogue computers are called hybride computers. They are usually used for problem in which large numbers of complex equations known as time integrals are to be computed . Data in analogue form can be fed into a digital computers by means of an analogue-to- digital converter and the same is true of the reverse situation.


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