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Disadvantages of computer

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The main disadvantages of computer arise from its technical nature.

  • Computer errors. These are not easy detected, and may not even be apparent until some time to late to rectify such errors.

However,  most of computers errors, are human mistakes, which are blamed on the computer. Some of these errors  are rise out of negligence erroneous data or political reasons.

  • It’s errors could be fatal as in the case of shooting down of an Iranian  airliner in the in golf. In 1986, by an American, which was blamed on the failure of their computer to give proper information about the aircraft,. Or where The computer is used to monitor the condition of the patient in hospital, any failure on the parts of the computer system may lead to the patient death.
  • it requires specialized knowledge for its operations.
  • It makes people lazy, as the underlying logic in solving problems is now ignored.
  • With the application of computers in virtually. All field of human endeavor, and the ability of computer system to carry out tasks effectively, which results.it will A lot of people to lose their job and become unemployed. Therefore, creating unemployment  in the labor market
  • Corruptions

Some people are using the cyber cafe, , not for the sake of research, but for the purpose of perpetrating  “evil 419 scandal”, and other related offenses

  • Cybercrime: also known as computer crime. The use of the computer, as an instrument to further illegal ends  such  as committing fraud, trafficking, in child pornography and intellectual property. Stealing  identities or violating privacy. cybercrime, especially to the internet has grown in importance as, especially through the internet has grow in importance as the computer has become central  to commercial entertainment and governments .


What is Computer | Classification of computer

  • Types of cyber crime
  • Internet fraud

schemes to defraud customers abound on the internets among the most famous in the Nigerian or 419 scam. The number is a reference to the section of Nigerian law that discount violets. Although  this corn has been used with both fax and traditional.

Mail, it has been given new life by the internet in the scheme, An individual, receive an email, asserting that the sender  requires help in transferring a large sum of money out of Nigeria, or another distant country. Usually, this money is in the form of assets that is going to be sold. Such as oil,  or a large amount of cash. That requires “ Laundering” to conceal its source , the variation and endless. A new specific are constantly being developed.

The message asking the recipient to cover some costs of moving the funds out of the country. In return for receiving a much large sum of money in the near future.

Should the recipient  respond with a check or money order he is told that complication have developed, more money is required, over time, victims, can lose thousands of dollars that are utterly  recoverable

  • ATM

Computers also made more mundane type of fraud possible take the  automated teller machine (ATM), through which many people will now get cash, in order to access an accounts. A user  suppies,  a card and  personal identification number. (PIN).criminals have developed means to intercept, both the data on the cards magnetic strip, as well as the user pin in turn. The information is used to create fake that are then used to withdraw from the unsuspecting individual accounts, in 1999.there, were 251 reported cases of ATM fraud in the United States in 2002 the New York Times reported that more than 21,000 American bank accounts have been scammed by a single group engaged in are acquiring  ATM information illegally. A particularly effective form of fraud has  involved the uses of ATMs in shopping centers and convenience stores. These machines are free standing and not physical parts of a bank. criminals can easily set up that looks a machine that looks like a legitimate machine. Instead of dispensind  money. However, the machine gathers information on users only tells them that machine is out of order after they have typed in the PINs. Given that ATM are the preferred method for dispensing. Currency  all over the world.

ATM fraud have become an international problem with multiple solution in August 2003 an individual in Australia  pleaded guilty to stealing $A 23,000 from Bank customer. By using a small camera and an electronic recorded device

using a small camera and an electronic recorded device at multiple ATMs. Australia is now considering a ban on the purchase of equipment that criminal  might use in ATM to defraud customers. However, the range of a equipment  under concentration is quite large and useful for a varieties of legitimacy purpose as well.


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