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Management Theory and Practice Multiple Choice Questions

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What is management?


  • Management Theory and Practice Multiple Choice Questions | Koontz and Weihrich Define As the process of designing and maintaining an environment for the purpose of efficiently accomplishing selected goals.The management of an organization involves planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling the work of organization members to achieve presets objective. While this function from the basics  of the. Managerial process several other elements contributes to an understanding of how managers actually operate. For instance, Managerial roles and skills, are important factors in determining organizational performance.
  • management in business and human organization activity is The act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals. management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, Leading, or directing and controlling, an organization,( a group of one or more people, or entities). Or effort For the purposes of accomplishing goal. Resourcing encompasses and deployment and manipulation of Human Resources financial resources, technological resources and Natural Resources.
  • Management, can also refer to the person or people  who perform the act of management’s
  • management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish, organizational goals,
  • management, may also be defined as getting things done through others.
  • Management is the process that takes place at all level of an organization. Whenever people will get together. To attain certain in predetermined goals, there is a need for management. That is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the aim and objectives, of the group is achieved.

Management is one of the most important human activity that permeate  all organizations. section leaders supervisors  chief clerks foreman and so on, all carry out management’s function although obviously not all are the same type of equal importance. It is a task, which a person, perform. That’s important and  not, the job tittle.


Management like different other concept in social  science has many definition of these definition are:

  • Management is the definition of an enterprise through the planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling of it’s human and material resources towards the achievement of a predetermined objective.
  • The process of coordinating individual and groups, activities, toward group goals

Function, or elements of management

F any kind of organization to run smoothly in achieving their set goals and objectives they need to implement management concepts. To plan for it, there are four basic management concepts that allows any organization to handle planned, tactical and set decision.

What are those plans?. The answer lies here, any organization where the new or old, whether small or big need to run smoothly, to achieve the goals and objectives, which is set forth, for this, they had developed and implemented, their own management concepts.

There are basically four Management concepts that allow any organization to handle the tactical plan and set decision the four basic function of the managements are just to have a controlled plan, over the preventive measure.

The four basic function of management.

There are many function, carried out by management’s but  the basic one discussed below.


It is the foundation area of management. It is the basis upon which the all the areas of management should be built, planning requires administration to assess. Where the company is presently set.  And where, it would be in the upcoming, from there an appropriate course of action is determine and implemented to attain the company’s goals and objectives


Planning is unending course of action, planning is the most basic of all management functions, it involves looking ahead relating today’s event with tomorrow’s possibilities.


Planning is goal oriented and forward looking process it offsets uncertainty and risk, provides a sense of direction, provides guidelines for decision making and increases operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

It also helps in the coordinating of organizational activity. And facilitates control and delegations.


Plan can be various types, depending on the organization level.

The frequency of use, and the time frame.

Depending  on the organizational level. plan, can be strategic tactical and operational.

When frequency is use is taking into consideration plans can be classified into single use plan and standard plans, single use plans include budgets, programs and projects, standing  plans include policies, procedures, and rules on the basics of the time frame plans can be short stems.


Intermediate-term or long-term Apart from  these,  an organization , can also have specific or directional  plans

Planning is an ongoing process all planning process consists of eight steps.

Analyzing opportunities, Establishing objective,  determining  planning premises, identifying alternatives, evaluating available alternatives. Selecting the most appropriate  alternatives implementing the plan and reviewing the plan.

Though planning provides  several benefits, it has certain limitation too. It requires accurate information. It is a time consuming process. It is expensive.

And it’s lack flexibility, moreover. People tend to resist change and are unwilling to take risk, they also may be reluctant to establish goals, which are essential for good planning.

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Even is good plans have been developed, changes in the environment may have a negative effect. on them, in order to overcome these limitation managers should establish a proper climate for planning developed clear and specific objectives. evaluate all planning premises, ensure the supports of top level management, encourage employees participation in the planning process, communicate, goals and planning premises throughout the organization, integrate, short term and long term plans have an open system approach to planning and implement an effective management information system,

What is organizing ?


the second  function  of the management is getting prepared, getting organized, management must organized all its resources, well before in hand to put into practice.

The course of action to decide that has been planned in the bees function. Through this

process management will now determine  the inside. Directorial configuration, establish and maintain relationships, and also assign required resources.

While determining, the inside directorial configuration management ought to look at the different divisions, or department.

They also see to the harmonizing of staffs and try to find out the best way to handle the important tasks and expenditures of information within the company.

Management determine  the division of work, according to it’s need.

It also has to decide for suitable department to hand over authority responsibilities.


direction is the third function of the management working under the function help the management to control and supervise the action of the staff.

These helps them to assist the staff, achieving the company’s goals, and also accomplishing the personal or career goals. which can be powered by motivation. Communication Department dynamics and department, leadership.

It is very important to maintain a productive working environments. Building positive interpersonal relationships and problem solving.

And this can be done only with effective communication, understanding the communication process and working on areas that need improvement, helps manager to become more effective communicators. The finest techniques of finding the areas that requires improvement is to ask themselves, and others to regular interval how well they are doing. This leads to better relationships and have the managers for better directing plans.


control the last four functions of management include establishing performance  standards, which, of course, based, on companies objective, it also involved evaluating and reporting of actual job performance. When the points are studied by the management, then it is necessary to compare both the things. This study of comparison of both decide further correctives and preventive actions.

In an effort to solve in performance problems management should higher standards.

They should straightforwardly speak to the employees or departments, having problems. On the contrary, if there are inadequate resources or disallow or that external factors. Standard from been attained management had to lower their standard as per requirements.

The controlling process, as in comparison with other three,  is unending process or say continuously process, With this management and make out any problems, it helps them in taking necessary preventive measures against consequences.  management can also recognize any further developing problems that need corrective action.

control is an essential function for managing and organization. It is used to ensure that what is done is what was intended.

The control function plays an important roles from the top to the bottom level of an organization.

Controlling involves the comparison of actual results with planning results thus,  there is considerable overlap between the planning, organizing, and leading function of your manger..

Coinciding with  the three level of management, there are three level of control, strategic, tactical, and operational .

Although  control system must be tailored to specific situations. They generally follow the same basic process. The control process consists of six steps,

  • Determining the areas to control.
  • Establishing standards,
  • Measuring performance and comparing it against the standard.
  • Recognizing good, or positive performance.
  • Taking corrective action when necessary. And
  • Adjusting standard measures, when necessary,

Effective and efficient management’s leads  to  success where  it attain the objective and goals of the organizations, of course, for achieving the ultimate goal, and aim management needs to work creatively in problem solving in all the four function.

Management not only has to see the needs of accomplishing the goals, but also has to look into the process that their way is feasible for the company.


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