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The Mindset of an Entrepreneur



The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

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After finishing  college I enrolled in a traditional business school to pursue my MBA so I could be trained and educated entrepreneur, I lasted nine months before dropping out needless to say I did not receive my MBA upon leaving. These days business school invites me to come and speak with their students in class of entrepreneurship I probably need not to point out that I sometimes find this ironic .

Common question these students ask me are “ How do I find investors”? and how do I raise capitals ? I understand the questions because the haunted me when I left the security of traditional job and became an entrepreneur myself  I had no money and no one wanted to invest in me the big ventures capitals firm were not knocking on my door so what do I tell these business school students  I tell them you just do it you do it because you have to do it . if you don’t , you are out of business.


You do not have to raise the capital to create your business that has already been done for  you . But you do have to build your business .!


Today, even though i have enough money all I do is raise capital . for an Entrepreneur, that is job No 1. We raise capital from three groups of people; customers, investors and employees  your job as an Entrepreneur is to get your customers to buy your products , if you can get costumers to give you money by buying your products  your investors will give you a lots of money. And if you have employees your job is to get them to produces and make you at least ten times more money than you pay them. If you can’t your employees to produces  at least 10 times than you pay them , you re out of the business , and if you’re out of the business you don’t need to raises any more money.

This is not the answer most MBA students are looking for, most are looking for the magic formula the secret recipe the quick business plan to riches . this doesn’t seems to be the answer , their instruction are hoping  I’ll give . either .because  I noticed them squirming when  is this stuff. Why? because while they teach Entrepreneurship, most of them are not themselves Entrepreneur which is why they have a steady teaching job with a steady paycheck and are hoping for tenure. My point is not that you have to raises money , in facts in the business model  I’m going to share with you in this articles , you do not have to raise the capital to create your business because that has already been done for you, but you do have to build your business ! My point is that this is what defines an Entrepreneur: you make things happens you pull yourself out of the rows of passengers seats ,walk to the head of the bus, and get behind the wheel of your.

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