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Top 10 Business Ideas for Students “Best Review”



Top 10 Business Ideas for Students

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Top 10 Business Ideas for Students

There are so many business ideas which are not suitable for students that are studying in Nigeria. Nigerian students hardly have enough time to do businesses that require up to 3 hours in a day unless on holidays.

This is because the Nigerian University Curriculum does not favour work and study for full time learners as in the case in Western Universities. So what business ideas are suitable to Nigerian students? Currently, I am a student and also doing business in Nigeria. I will share with you practical business ideas that you can do without having problem with your studies and at the same time help you make money.

What Will I learn from this Training?

This is a long article. Take your time to read it. It contains a list of small business ideas that students like you can do on a part time basis. These business tips for students are very feasible and they can be done without any conflict with the day-to-day school activities.

Why Students Need to Do Business

You will agree with me that there are many classes of students. There are some who are really ambitious to do business while some need to do business to ensure survival on campus. It’s always advisable for students especially those below the average performance level to focus on their studies so as to get good grades. However, some students who come from low socio-economic status background need to fend money to take care of both the school fees and living expenses. This set of students along with other business ambitious ones need to do one business or the other to help fulfil their desired dreams in life.

Here are my … 10 Business Ideas for Students;

  1. Teaching: Teaching should be part of every student’s life. It’s a fun you should adopt as a student and at the end of the day you can make money from it. You might not realize this, but I put it to you that you’ve acquired several kinds of knowledge through your education that enhances you with the knowledge base to tutor others. Apart from making money teaching other, you stand a better chance to learn more. Do not fail to monetize what you are learning.

There are so many people that need your services. You may decide to start home tutoring services where you’ll teach younger pupils at home or you can even teach fellow students maybe those in the levels below you.

You can start tutoring today. Start small until you gain more popularity to pull crowd.

  1. Social Media Freelancing: Social media jobs are easy way for students to make money. I personally do this on part time basis. You have probably already started using social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter on regular basis. So, why not get paid for having fun with them?

So many companies and establishments have started recognizing the potentials and value of representing their brands on social network and they are ready to pay. They need freelancers to do the promotion for them. Students are perfect for this job. You can start social media jobs on part time basis and make money.

Always recognize the fact that there is much more in social network platforms that just updating personal statuses or chatting with mates online. Though some social media job managers charge a little fee to participate, but the gain pays after all.

  1. Graphics Designing: I have three intimate friends who makes at least =N=50,000 each a month doing graphic design. You too can do this and earn even more. This knowledge they have didn’t come as an accident.

They learned the trade and they are making good use of it. If you are interested in graphic design but you do not have the needed expertise, do well to learn it and you’ll be proud you did. If you already have graphic design capability, start outsourcing for more clients.

People are doing several events that require fliers, programmes, handbills and posters. What about advertising signs for businesses? There are lots of jobs out there in graphic design. This is very nice business for students in Nigeria.

  1. Web Designing and Management: Web designing and blog customization have become very popular and lucrative business in Nigeria due to increase demand for online exposure by individuals, companies and NGOs. As a student, I am currently managing 3 websites – one for an NGO and 2 for individual professionals. I receive =N=10,000 each every month as stipends. This job doesn’t take me more than two hours a day and I do it on my pace, except when need for urgency arises.

The least cost of one web development job in Nigeria is about =N=30,000 and you can finish one project between two to four hours. If you develop like four projects a month, you will be making nothing less than =N=100,000.

If you don’t have any knowledge about web development and management, consider learning it because it pays. The cost of learning the basics is about =N=20,000.

  1. Make Money Blogging: Yes, blogging is one of the business students can do in Nigeria. Though, at the start, the money will not come but when your blog is popular, money will surely start dripping in. This business idea is mainly for those with writing enthusiasm. If you know you cannot write contents, forget about blogging and look for other business ideas.

Otherwise, start a blog. You can start your blog with zero investment. Just visit and signup and you’ve started. Write and publish compelling and valuable contents. With a full grown blog, you can make money from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, direct sales ads etc.

There are so many blogging tips online that can get you on track. Currently as a student I blog at several websites. This is where I sell my exam preparatory materials like past exam question papers. I also make some money selling space for advertisers.

  1. Bulk SMS Services: This business is very perfect for students because it does not require the operator to be physically there while the money is made. Let me explain. You can use an investment capital of below =N=20,000 to create bulk SMS portal. Do a bit of promotion through banner adverts, Google Adword, Facebook Ads, etc. to gain more popularity and exposure. Clients will now register on your portal and sends bulk SMS on their own. By so doing, your income comes even when you are sleeping.

See, for instance, you buy bulk sms unit of 50,000 at the rate of 80 kobo. This is =N=40,000, and sell all the 50,000 unit a week at the rate of =N=1.6 each. You will be making =N=30,000 gain for the week. Multiply this for one month, this will give you roughly =N=100,00+.

You can do this business and raise the money that will take care of all your living and school expenses.

  1. Buy and Sell: You can make money from buying cheap good such as cloth, books, perfumes, creams, watches etc and sell to your colleagues and make gain for them. I personally do travel to Araria market at Aba and purchase some textbooks for my colleagues. I am doing this business and it’s paying my bills. You can start a mobile boutique; go to where cloths and watches are a bit cheaper, buy them and sell them to your colleagues.

In my experience, I do make at least =N=50,000 from one trip to Aba. You need courage to do this business. I started this business with zero capital. What I did was that I told my colleagues that I will be going to Aba for books and those that were interested gave money. The business started.

There are lots of goods your colleagues may want to buy at a particular time. Why not probe their buying habit and at the same time supply them and make profit? This is a nice business idea for students.

  1. Photography and Video Coverage: Photography is one of the businesses that will never fade. On daily basis, photography is getting more popular than before. People are beginning to see photography business as a professional niche. Photographers make a lot of money on each event they cover.

You can decide to do photography business at a subsistence level as well as a big investment company. All you need is ability to use a professional still of video cameras. The most interesting part of this business is that you can start it even if you don’t have a camera. There are several outlets that offer camera rental services.

The least price for a one-day event photo and video coverage is about =N=10,000 and above while you can rent cameras for =N=1,500 a day. If you remove productions cost, what will be left for you will be like =N=6,000 for that day. Another interesting aspect of photography business is that most events such as traditional marriages, weddings, dedications happen in the weekends and it’s perfect for students.

  1. Research Assistant: You do not need to be a guru to become a research assistant. All you need is a personal computer, laptop, printer and a modem and you are good to go. You will be able to assist so many people in your school in one way or the other in their projects, assignments and seminar. All you need to do is be smart on details.

One way you can assist someone is by supplying him/her research materials and research papers. Just collect their topics and do the search for materials, print it to them and get paid for both the material sourcing and the printing. I personally make nothing less than =N=3,000 per students sourcing materials for them. You can even extend your services to lecturers if you are very popular.

Another way you can assist in research is by doing research data analysis if you know how to use popular data analysis software like SPSS, STATA etc. If you like this business, you may just decide to learn more on how to use them and you will be closer to business while studying.

You can also help students write assignments, term papers and seminars. Do well to monetize your services especially lazy ones.

  1. Motivational Speaking and Business Promotion: This is the last but not the least on my list. This business seems to be very wide depending on approach and scope. You can start as a counsellor to a full flesh motivational speaker. This business will not only help you make money but will enhance your public speaking ability.

You can also become a paid promoter to many companies. You colleagues and fellow students are potentials buyers of several goods and services. Try and identify their personal and collective demand, contact companies that have their needed goods or services and promote it. Get paid for the job from percentage sales.

For instance you can do party promotion if you are party freak. Students likes partying and you can’t lose out while promoting a particular night club.

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