How to Start a Successful Tutoring Business in Nigeria
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How to Start a Successful Tutoring Business in Nigeria



How to Start a Successful business Tutoring Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Successful business Tutoring Business in Nigeria, tutoring business ideas and tutoring business plan

In our business training series, I earlier published an article on 10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria. There, I highlighted some business ideas suitable for students studying in Nigeria and I mentioned home tutoring (teaching). In this article I will expatiate on home tutoring business, how you can get started today and how you can make money from it.

Why Home Tutoring?

Home tutoring business is gaining more popularity these days as the result of parents’ increased awareness to the importance of education of their wards. This makes home tutoring a good avenue for you to monetize your knowledge on par time basis. In this article, I will show you how you can make money from home tutoring business.

Scope of Home Tutoring Business

The scope of home tutoring business is very wide. Varied numbers of people need a particular knowledge or the other for their daily living. Parents need their ward to be the best in school to enhance their carrier prospect in the future. In Nigeria, home tutors charges at least =N=500 per hour. If you can teach for at least 3 hours in a day, you are making =N=1,500 daily. Depending on your strength and number of clients, most home teachers in Nigeria make as much as =N=5,000 a day teaching from one house to the other. If you calculate this for one month, it amounts to =N=150,000. This is a very lucrative business to do while having fun.

What Can You Teach?
There are so many things you can teach. Starting from pre-school to elementary school children, you can teach those simple rhymes, poem, elementary sciences, moral knowledge, mathematics, playwriting etc. If you are computer literate, you can share simple computer tips and tutorials. Depending on your level of education, you can extend your services to secondary school students as well as university students. The fact is that iIn every level of human learning, there are students who need instructors to guide them through. You can become a home tutor today to help them and also monetize your knowledge and time.

How to Start Home Tutoring

It’s very easy to start home tutoring business as far as you have a particular knowledge to share. Once you have something to teach somebody, just go ahead and find your potential student or pupil. This business idea is very suitable for students who need extra income while studying. Here are my simple tips to help get you started;

  1. Get a nice Business Card: Meet a graphic designer to give you a very attractive business card that states who you are and what you can do best. Put your contact information in there. Also, use any other media to tell people about yourself and what you do.
  2. Produce and Distribute Flyers and Handbills: Print flyers and handbill and distribute to your potential clients, worship centers, supermarkets, banks etc. If you have money to advertise, you can go to radio, tv or magazine.
  3. Meet People on One-On-One Basis: Meet parents, maybe your church member, tell them that you can help their ward do well in school. Showcase yourself to people by talking in events or ceremonies. The essence in to let people know what you can do.
  4. Wait for Phone Calls: Definitely, you will be receiving call for jobs. Make sure you have a working phone. Present yourself politely while talking to your potential clients on phone. Don’t be harsh to them, rather be smart.
  5. Commence Home Tutoring: Start your home tutoring business with just one or two people that are interested in your services. Try as much as you can to impress them. Remember, they are paying you for something. So, they are expecting a positive result from your tutelage.
  6. Get More Clients: They say – one good turn deserves another. Do well and impress your current client while you promote your services to get more and more clients.
  7. Employ Home Tutors: If you do this business well, there’ll be a time you’ll have a very huge client base that only yourself cannot satisfy. This is when you’ll need to employ qualified teachers to work under your home tutoring platform. You pay them on monthly basis while making your profits.

My Experience as a Home Tutor:
There was a time I was doing home tutoring business as a full time business. As at that time, my income from it was =N=2,400 a day teaching 6 pupils. I combined this business with my education and I was able to make it in school. Other students can do this business to augment for their school fees or living expenses. Because, of huge demand for my service, I still squeeze out time out of my busy schedule to teach one pupil.


What’s Your Experience?
Have you even involved in home tutoring business at any level before? If yes, kindly share with us the experiences you had. Or, are you currently in the business? Please tell us; how are you doing home tutoring business to raise money?. Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

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