Actor Bill Murray, Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Bill Murray

What Was Bill Murray’s Role in All of This? Actor Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Bill Murray appears on CNBC on Saturday, April 30th, 2022, to address allegations of wrongdoing on the set of his upcoming film, Being Mortal. The film’s production has already been halted by Searchlight Photos due to the behavior of the actors on set. The 71-year-old said he “did something” that he thought was amusing, but “it was not taken that way.” Last Monday, the procedures decided to halt the film’s production while they investigated the issue. Being Mortal is said to have completed about half of its principal photography, with a 2023 release date expected. With Murray’s involvement, it’s unclear whether the film will resume production.

What Did Bill Murray Do?

The media site stated at the end of the second week of April that the Ghostbusters star had allegedly behaved improperly on the set of Being Mortal, prompting Searchlight Photos to initiate an investigation. Murray later told CNBC that there was a “conflict of opinion” with a woman on the set. It is now unknown whether the lady was an actress or a member of the team. The actor told CNBC’s Becky Quick:

“I did something I felt was amusing, but it wasn’t received in that light.” Bill Murray also hinted at being in communication with the individual, claiming that the two lovers are trying to “make peace with each other.” Murray’s statement hinted that the lady could be a co-star.

“We are both professionals, we enjoy one other’s work, we like each other,” he said. “I think there is no purpose in working together or creating the movie if we can’t genuinely get along and trust each other.” It’s been a great learning experience for me.”

Though the actor appeared to be sure that once production resumed, they would be able to put the incident behind them. Bill Murray went on to say how he learned from his blunders as a result of the event. Murray did say, however, that he would only begin his peace offering if the lady involved in the incident agreed.

Misconduct Allegations Explained by Bill Murray

Last year, Elementary star Lucy Liu discussed her contentious experience on the set of Charlie’s Angels (2000), which drew Murray’s attention. Murray allegedly abused Liu over a scene rewrite that he had overlooked, according to the Los Angeles Times. While Liu did not go into great detail, she did say, “Some of the languages were unacceptable and reprehensible…”

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