Are you a Thinker or a Feeler? 2022 Thinking vs Feeling Test

The 20-question thinking vs emotion test reveals your MBTI judgment axis. It examines your decision-making style to determine if you are a thinker or an observer.

cognition vs. feeling: a test to determine your judgment axes

The following are a series of twenty questions on judgements and choices that will place you on one end of the Thinking (T) and Feeling (F) spectrum.


The purpose, similar to the practical vs. visionary test, is to determine how rational or emotive your methods are. Furthermore, the questionnaire indicates how you communicate your ideas and emotions based on the Introverted I and Extraverted (e) dynamics.


Do you identify as a Te-Fi or a Ti-Fe?

MBTI theory’s feeling-thought dichotomies address both introversion and extraversion parts of a person’s personality. Te-Fi, which is Extraverted Thinking-Introverted Feeling dominant, and Ti-Fe, which is Introverted Thinking-Extroverted Feeling dominating, are the two conceivable pairings.


Allow the exam to simplify the concept if it seems complex. To participate, you do not need to grasp any of the Myers-Briggs concepts. And the findings will explain the significance of each combination.


What exactly is a thinking person?

A Thinker (also known as a Thought or T) is a person who makes decisions based on reasoning. Such a person would make judgments based on external facts and objective viewpoints. A Thinker (T), for example, would treat everyone equally according to the rules, with no exceptions.


What makes someone sentimental?

A Feeler (sometimes spelled Feeling or F) is someone who makes decisions based on values. Such a person would base his or her judgments on subjective considerations and internal opinions. A Feeler (F), for example, may make exceptions to the rules or breach them for the greater good.

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