Asemahle Parklands Cape Town Video Twitter; Vanessa Hilda Ntini Accussed, Trevor Manuel JJ Tabane

A video from a girl named Asemahle detailing how underage girls are purportedly persuaded into sexual acts in exchange for money and clothing at Parklands has been trending on Twitter.

The video footage shows three skimpily-dressed girls, possibly less than 18, displaying their barely-clothed bodies in front of an unidentified guy. It has caused outrage on the internet. Shortly after that, a voice note surfaced on social media.

In the nine-minute voice note, a young lady is interrogated by her mother and a woman who identified herself as a nurse. Asemahle admitted to having consensual intercourse with two adult foreign individuals labeled as Latino and Blessings in the voice note. 

The netizens on social media ask the authorities for intervention because this kind of practice has increased in the area. They claimed that many young girls are involved in these acts for monetary benefit.

Vanessa Hilda Ntini is accused of sending Asemahle to a Nigerian man to have an alleged intimate relationship. According to the 15-year-old, Vanessa invited her to hang out with a Nigerian man at a Parklands hotel.

According to Swisherpost, she alleges she was told to watch Vanessa have s*x with Latino before she was roped into the steamy affair. Vanessa was supposedly given R1 500 after that. 

And she further said that she was engaged in sexual acts with the Nigerian national, but she was never sent money. Instead, it appears that her friend just purchased her clothes.

A video of a young girl involving themselves in pros**tution in Parklands has emerged on social media. And a victim named Asemahle explained she also got involved in these things on a voice note.

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