Cast of 40 Years Young: Meet Antonio Fortier? Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wikipedia

Antonio Fortier, age 37, was born on August 3, 1984, and is a Mexican television actor. And yes, he is featured on Wikipedia. However, we can find the information regarding his career on the portal. Besides portraying the characters on television, he is a professional model and a producer, as he mentioned in his social media bio. 

As mentioned in his Wiki bio, he has been in several television shows and soap operas such as Televisa, TV Azteca, and Telemundo. He made his television debut as Jorge in the action series El Equipo, with Zuria Vega and Alberto Estrella, beside him in 2011.

Antonio Fortier will be portraying the role of Horacio on the new Netflix release 40 Years Young. The movie in the comedy genre will release on May 4, 2022. Thus, the fans are eager to watch the drama with a story plot covering some culinary contest in Cancun, as mentioned on the IMDb.

Additionally, he played Pablo in the production of La Que no Podia Amar and Toribio in the novel Porque el Amor Manda a year later. Also, his upcoming project could be his breakthrough into Hollywood as his acting is already adored by many.

Net Worth Of Antonio Fortier In 2022

Antonio Fortier is yet to reveal his net worth in the media. However, since his first debut in the industry in 2011, he might have already accumulated impressive wealth. Nevertheless, the actor has already featured in many movies and television shows throughout his career. 

He was recently featured in the Netflix upcoming comedy film 40 Year Young. The Mexican television actor might get more exposure after the movie’s release. His fans wish he would get offers from Hollywood as well. Besides acting, he is also a model. 

Nevertheless, he might have been doing some side hustles, which might have helped him grow his net worth. 

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