Dale Smith of Orlando Florida Arrested, Suspected in Missing and Death of Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker Death: Michelle Parker, 33, was last seen on November 17, 2011, dropping her three-year-old twins off at the home of former fiancé Dale Smith in Orlando.

She and Smith had appeared on an episode of The People’s Court to argue over a $5,000 engagement ring which was recorded earlier that year but aired the day she vanished.

Her black Hummer was found abandoned at an apartment complex and her cell phone was discovered underwater near a bridge.

Dale Smith is an ex-fiance of Michelle Parker and the main suspect in her disappearance. The couple seems to have an unhealthy relationship.

The show The People’s Court revealed Smith and Parker’s relationship to have a violent history in which she was likely abused by her husband.

Smith was thrown out of Maries in 2003, he was court-martialed for the convictions on the possession of drugs. Similarly, Parker has appealed for a restraining order from Smith in 2009

Needless to say, the petition was denied by the judge as it did not hold. She also sued Smith for the loss of her engagement ring, which she threw in the Hilton Hotel during their fight.

The chief of police of Orlando has been seeking help from the civilians asking if anybody has any information about the disappearance.

The authorities have suspected Dale Smith as the possible murderer and abductor as he was the person who last saw Michelle.

However, Michelle’s parents argue that Dale is innocent and they advocate the possibility of customers from Michelle’s workplace or a carjacker being responsible for the disappearance of Michele.

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