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What happened to Gaby Blackman Children? Gabrielle Blackman has been a part of the show for the longest time, she has been engaged in the show providing content and competing with other designers.

DIY is a British television show which was engaged to bring viewers on viewing the competition of the renovation. It is one of the longest-running shows in its format.

Unfortunately, Gabrielle was the one who lost her son due to heart issues. Her son passed away due to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) a birth defect that affects the normal flow of blood into the heart.

Thus, the lack of proper formation of the heart during the pregnancy of Berkman the child faced issues in the left heart which lead to his demise.

Gabrielle has been heartbroken due to the demise of her child who has been the world to her. She faced some issues with her career and was not able to capitalize on the opportunities to

Gabrielle Blackman is a most sort out Interior Designer nationally and internationally. Her recent projects include the Hong Kong penthouse to Sussex apartment home by the sea.

Likewise, she seems to have the knowledge, ability, and expertise to flip a historic house into a cozy home, and an elegant yacht into a practical home as well.

Who Died In The SOS DIY Family?

The son of Gabrielle died due to an issue related to Heart. Gabrielle’s son Gus, was suffering from the HLHS problem, which indicates an abnormal flow of blood in the heart.

Gus was taken to many hospitals and sought out the opinion of various experts. However, he died after emergency surgery. Blackman was devastated by the loss as she was unable to complete her work endeavors.

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