DJ Fantan Arrested: Why was he Arrested? Age, Wiki, Biography

Was DJ Fantan Arrested? DJ Fantan has not been arrested in 2022, he was arrested on 3rd January 2021 by Matapi Police Station in Mbare. He was arrested with another personality Simbarashe Chanachimwe who is also known as Boss Dhama.

DJ Fantan creates a distinctive sound through his music by utilizing electronic and classic African music. He is a passionate individual who seems to compose music through his overall means.

Likewise, Fantan turned his bedroom into a recording studio and created his own music label, Chillspot Record with levels. He is a talented personality filled with energy and motivation to achieve better.

They organized a concert on New Year’s Eve in Mbare. At that time, Zimbabwe had strict covid restrictions. Fantan pleaded guilty and admitted to partaking and violating the country’s lockdown policy.

Consequently, Fantan was sentenced to jail for six months for breaching the covid 19 restrictions of the country. They were also fined 2000 dollars each with an option to reduce their sentence by three months.

DJ Fantan’s real name is Arnold Kamudyariwa, Arnold was sentenced to prison for six months for the violation of covid regulations. Moving on, Arnold is a passionate individual, who has formed his own record label and is a record executive, DJ, and, producer.

Arnold had attended George Stark High School where he met his partner in business Levels Chillspot. With their agreement, the duo started Chillspot Recordz with Levels.

Hence, the two of them found talents around Zimbabwe and produced their songs with such discovery, the audience loved their fresh, innovative, and entertaining ideas which propelled them to fame.

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