Django Ward Age; His Father Actor Fred Ward Died, Age, Wiki, Wife, Django Reinhardt Meaning

Django Ward Age, How Old Is Django Ward? At this time, it is not possible to determine how old Django Ward is. Even his images are not available on the internet, making it impossible for us to estimate his age accurately.

On the internet, you won’t find nearly as much information about him as there is about his father. The cause of his father’s death was heart failure at the age of 79.

Additionally, he was born on December 30th, 1942 in the city of San Diego, which is located in the state of California. He is of part Cherokee descent. Capricorn is his zodiac sign, which is determined by the month he was born in.

Django Ward is the only son of the late actor Fred Ward and his second wife, Silvia Ward. Django Ward is the son of Fred Ward, an actor who has passed away recently.

The actor had three different marriages throughout his life. In 1965, he had his first short-lived marriage to Carla Evonne Stewart, which ended after only one year of wedlock.

He wed his second wife, Silvia Ward, and they went on to have a son together who they named Django. Sadly, the pair was unable to find a way to make their relationship work, and they eventually got a divorce.

After getting divorced from his second wife, he went on to wed Marie-France Boisselle. According to the reports, she filed for divorce in August of 2013, but they got back together afterward.

Actor Fred Ward has passed away, who was known for bringing a gentlemanly gruffness to films such as “The Right Stuff,” “Henry and June,” and “The Player,”. He passed away on Sunday, May 8, at the age of 79.

The only child he has is Django Ward from his second wife, Silvia Ward.

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