Dr. Donald Cline Wikipedia, Is he Arrested? Age, Net Worth, Biography, Our Father Netflix

Dr. Donald Cline, an Indiana fertility doctor who used his own sperm to impregnate possibly dozens of women, surrenders his medical license.

Donald Cline fraud about 50 to 90 patients by donating them his sperms without their knowledge or consent, which mean he has around fifty to ninety biological offsprings from sperm donation. However, people started noticing multiple half-siblings on the family-tree DNA testing websites, which revealed his dark secret.

Many victims filed a legal case against him, and Indiana’s attorney general looked over the complaints, which led to a criminal inquiry. Later he submitted his medical license to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana in 2018.

Donald Cline has reached the age of 80 at the current date, where his exact date of birth is still missing from the web. In particular, he has accomplished his undergraduate degree from Indiana University. Further, he completed his M.D. from IU’s medical school.

He had served in the United States Air Force for two years, where he also worked in the inactive reserve for twelve years as he received an honorable discharge. He commenced the clinic at 2020 West 86th Street in 1979 and continued to provide fertility services for years. He got retired after 38 years in 2009 at the age of 67.

Dr. Donald Cline Wikipedia, Is he Arrested?

Donald Cline is an infamous infertility specialist who deceived most of his patients by donating his sperm for fertility without their knowledge or consent. In particular, he was famous for providing the fertility implantation service for more than twenty years, from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Hundred of expectant parents had visited him for fertility implantation services as they all asked him for their kids. However, many patients found he cheated on them as the expectant parents learned the shocking truth via family-tree DNA testing websites in the following years.

The new upcoming Netflix crime documentary Our Father has portrayed the story of Donald Cline’s sperm donation scam. People are excited to watch how Donald Cline gets exposed in real-life via this documentary.

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