Dylan Rounds Body Found ? – Get Update as Search for missing Utah teen continues

Dylan Rounds’ boots, which had been missing for about 14 days, have been discovered on his farm beneath a soil hill, but he has yet to be located.

Adjusts graduated from Rigby High School and began growing grain in Lucin, Utah, on the Nevada/Utah border, a few years before.

His family last heard from him on Saturday, May 28, when he visited his grandmother. He lives alone in a camp trailer on a remote piece of land.

Dylan Round vanished while residing in a rural area of northern Utah, and the search for him is now intensifying following the discovery of his boot.

The last time Rounds was seen in person was on May 26 at a pub in Montello, Nevada, which is about 30 miles west of his home. The missing minor made a phone call to a close relative on the morning of the 28th, but hasn’t been heard from since.

Lt. Doug Fisher of Elko County reported receiving cellphone pings on May 28 that showed his phone was in the Lucin region of Utah.

In the search for solutions, things are currently changing. The Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of the request, and the Elko County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada is looking into data.

Justin Rounds and Candice Cooley, Dylan’s parents, raised him. The Utah young person’s parents are anticipating his or her safe homecoming.

Dylan, according to Justin, had a bright future ahead of him and a lot of desires, which he shared with Dateline. His mother, Candice, claimed that she was informed by her mother that the young man wanted to discontinue the call because it was coming down and he needed to relocate some things.

On Monday, May 30, Candice claimed she received a sincere call from J.D. Wilde, Dylan’s closest friend. She was informed by him that his friend hadn’t spoken to him since Saturday.

She continued by saying that it was quite unusual for her child to go for so long without speaking to anyone. She and her ex swiftly proceeded to maintain watch as soon as he vanished.

According to his profile provided to NBC News, rancher Dylan Rounds, then 19 years old, grew up in Idaho with younger brothers.

Dylan was just four years old when his parents moved away. The kids split their time between their mother’s hometown of Twin Falls and their father’s hometown of Idaho Falls at that point.

His two favorite pastimes were fishing and exploring the earth. Whatever the case, when it came to cultivating, the youngster’s primary focus, those activities took a back seat.

Almost every conversation Rounds’ father has with his youngster involves farming. He is one of those individuals who was destined to be a rancher from birth, and as a young child, he was able to operate a farm truck before most children were able to ride a bicycle.

Each donation drive eager to help with Dylan Rounds’ absence will be held on a platform set up by GoFundMe. A $20,000 reward would be paid to anyone who discovers the child or knows where he is.

No one has been charged or imprisoned as of yet in connection with the incident. Rounds’ mother, Candice Cooley, told East Idaho News that her son had been kidnapped and was refusing to leave.

According to Cooley, the mother was informed by the police that they had noticed a spot of blood on Dylan’s footwear and that it would be sent to a lab for analysis.

Given that it had rained the day before, she insisted that there were no vehicle tracks in the soil leading to or from her child’s red pickup truck.

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