Hotman Paris Admits he Received Photo and Videos of Iqlima Kim

Hotman Paris Admits He Was Sent Sexy Photos and Videos of Iqlima Kim

Hotman Paris ngaku dikirimi foto dan video seksi iqlima kim sebelum disomasi atas tuduhan pelecehan: The resignation of Hotman Paris has caused a stir among the Indonesian Advocates Association. The news of his departure was unexpected, and many people were taken aback.

According to sources, Hotman Paris is facing serious allegations leveled against him by Iqlima Kim, his former personal assistant. Everyone’s attention has been drawn to this contentious issue, and they’ve been scouring the internet for information. However, we conducted a brown research on this tale and were able to extract some key details.

You will eventually become educated on this hotly debated topic if you read all the way to the conclusion. It is recommended that you read this article all the way through and look over all of the topics. We’ve covered a lot of ground here, as well as some key personal details regarding Hotman Paris.

Hotman Paris Admits He Was Sent Sexy Photos and Videos of Iqlima Kim

Photo and Video of Paris Ngaku Dikirimi Seksi Before Disomasi Atas Tuduhan Pelecehan, Iqlima Kim: Hotman Paris is a professional lawyer who used to be a member of the Indonesian Advocates Association before abruptly resigning. According to sources, Hotman Paris is currently 62 years old and has previously been accused of sexually harassing his personal assistant, Iqlima Kim. Iqlima Kim, on the other hand, has issued a warrant in this case. Please read the next section to find out what Hotman Paris stated.

The lawyer stated that his former personal assistant had shared her filthy photos and film with him on multiple occasions, and that the photos and movies are still on his phone. Iqlima Kim leveled all of the claims against Hotman Paris. Furthermore, he disclosed a dark side of Iqlima Kim on his social media account, and he is ready to expose her. “This is a sensual image that the lady gave to Hotman Paris on 21st March 2022 and there is still an image that is almost done with only a bra,” he added in a social media post. On Saturday, April 30th, 2022, he posted an image of Iqlima Kim with this comment.

He also stated that it is impossible for a female who has been the victim of sexual harassment to share her sexy photo with the harasser. Paris also stated that she was told to do all of this by someone. As soon as something new appears on the internet, we’ll let you know about it. For additional information, stay in touch with us.

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