How Did Gleycy Correia Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Gleycy Correia, 27, of Macaé, in the north of Fluminense, died last Monday after spending two months in a coma due to complications after tonsillitis surgery. She utilized her Instagram page to share their life experiences with their 52 thousand followers.

She reported about conferences and courses in which she participated as an entrepreneur in the fields of beauty and cosmetic operations. Gleycy claimed to be an expert in permanent makeup (the process of skin coloring) and laser tattoo removal.

The former Miss also told her fans that she had longed to be independent since she was a youngster. She made her first move toward this when she was eight years old and landed her first job as a manicurist. “I’ve always enjoyed working and earning a little money. I fantasized about my freedom. It was a massive delight for each conquered customer,” she stated in a 2016 text.

“Have they ever told you that your objectives were too far away?” Gleycy asked her fans. That you were ‘mad’ to put so much money into something with no guarantee of success? That’s something I’ve heard a lot! ears …”.

The model also discussed her impoverished beginnings and her parents’ effort to raise her, both of whom served as role models for the young lady. “This is a fighting family, and despite millions of flaws, there is a lot of love in this family!” “They always performed the impossible and the feasible for me, and I am eternally thankful,” she said on Facebook.

The former Miss also had periods of rest. There are images of travel, including one to Paris, as well as beaches and tourist places. Gleycy often penned writings about her life with images of herself. “Life is brief. Break the rules, forgive swiftly, drink gently, love deeply, laugh wildly, and never regret anything that makes your soul happy,” she said in a blog post.

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