Human Swan Sacha Dench Accident: Return to Skies after Fatal Accident

Sacha, a conservationist, was forced to learn to ski after a previous accident in which a colleague died. 

However, she has mentioned that she cannot fly after the fatal crash last year. In the incident, Sacha Dench has involved with Dan Burton in the accident. 

Moreover, Dench’s accident occurred in the western Highlands of Scotland, where she has admitted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary following her treatment. Although she lost her colleague in the crash, she has gone through the treatment for no life-threatening injuries.

Further, she has described her incident, and she has not recovered. Also, she has told BBC’s Good Morning Scotland about being unable to fly an aircraft as she is not at the point to fly yet. She has gone through a lot following last year’s incident. 

Nevertheless, Dench has thanked the employee of Inverness and Aberdeen who had worked on her leg. However, she has disclosed that she will not be able to fly another route due to the recovery phase. 

Dench was born to a supportive family Steve and Ursula Dench. Her parents have to give condolences to the family of Dan Burton. Also, they spoke about supportive behavior of Dan toward Sacha.

Moreover, Sacha’s parents are proud of her courage. They have shared their love for biologists, and she is a brave and strong girl who fights for herself.

Dench is a well-known biologist who is involved in exploring life on Earth. She is an adventurous person who has made Guinness World Record for crossing the English Channel through paramotor. Also, last year she faced an accident alongside her colleague, Dan, after crashing a paramotor. 

Moreover, she won Green Swan Award and has got honored with Britannia Trophy. She is leading her life to west Africa from Scotland, which has her new expedition to reach the 6000-mile migration route of ospreys. 

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