Iggy Azalea Leaked Pics: Is Iggy Azalea’s Butt Real or Fake?

Iggy Azalea

Iggy’s appearance has long piqued the interest of admirers. Since her rise to fame, there has been a lot of talk in the media about her figure, some of which has been addressed by the rapper herself.

If you’re wondering if her butt is real, she’s made it clear that it’s all her “flesh” and it’s all natural.

The artist tells Sway’s Universe host in one of her interviews that she has heard stories about getting “several implants.”

“I’ve heard it’s not the real deal.” I overheard a few things. I’ve heard it’s occasionally my underpants. I’ve heard I have implants on occasion. She claims, “I heard I do all kinds of strange things.”

“It’s my flesh, it’s my butt,” Iggy says when the host questions whether it’s her “flesh.”

Iggy Azalea has addressed allegations that she has had too many operations several times, but fans are still curious after witnessing her twerk in her Instagram story.

On Saturday, April 30, the Australian rapper shared a short video on her Instagram stories in which she can be seen bouncing her bottom on camera.

The article vanished in a day’s time, but the debate over the rapper’s backside continues. Do you have a lot of questions on your mind? Here’s what we’ve learned thus far!

Ig Video Of Iggy Azalea (Instagram) Leaves Little To The Imagination

Even if she believes it’s a “lazy” method of doing it, Iggy understands how to catch her followers’ attention.

The rapper’s Instagram story, which has since vanished, shows her twerking while her buddies tape her antics.

She’s wearing a pair of black cutout-covered leggings that reveal a lot of skin.

“Vegas gets the lazy twerk,” she commented over the video, while her companions joked in the background, “That’s what the movie Interstellar is based on.”

The video can be viewed here, however it should be noted that it may be offensive to certain viewers.

The Rapper Got “Bigger Boobs” For Herself. During An Interview With Vogue

Iggy did not hesitate to acknowledge to having undergone surgery.

“I did change something: four months ago, I got bigger boobs!” the rapper said when asked what he would alter about his figure. I’d been thinking about it my whole life.”

She also stated that she was hesitant to discuss it publicly at first because of the potential for it to impact young females.

“But then I realized I wasn’t into maintaining secrets,” she explained.

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